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Dollar Store Finds

July 11th, 2008 at 08:03 pm

Didn't realize Dollar Store had helium-filled balloons. To order. !!

I passed since I just went on my lunch break. They would pop in the car with the heat, no doubt. Though I guess I could have brought them inside. I think I may pass on balloons this year. Feeling very lazy with the kids' party.

I did spend $22. $24 with tax.

10 books and activity/coloring books for party favors (& future gifts).

I hate stupid, cheap party favors and so I have struggled with what to do. Some part of me can't not give any favors. IT just feels wrong to me, for whatever reason.

At first I Was overwhelmed by choices, but saw some really nice coloring books and little board books for the younger kids. Sold! Nice gifts if you ask me. Though I can attest we may have too many. But it beats those small little choking hazards and toys probably covered in lead anyway.

I honestly just wanted to hand out $1 bills, but dh did not agree.

That was $10. Not many RSVPs so I took a pretty big shot in the dark (but erred on the side of too many).

I spent $3 on silly string (2) and some play money. I just could NOT resist. I think LM will enjoy it though BM has accounting tendencies. LM likes to play make believe more. BM is too practical for that. So we'll see.

Which means I spent $9 on party supplies. Plates, bowls, napkins, and cutlery. I erred on the side of too many, for sure.

The cups were crap. Too small. I will hit Walgreens on the way home and hope I can find bigger cups.

I probably wouldn't have spent $9, but I splurged for some Sesame Street themed cups and napkins. To intermix with all the plain/generic stuff.

I guess I figured a theme on the spot.

My parties have always been quite simple. We will slave over the food, but little else. & even then, "slaving" would be stretching it.

But we tend to have a theme and I Tend to buy a few balloons for their party.

This year I am just passing. Eh. It will be simpler and more casual than usual.

I have only done one crazy party, and that was BM's 2nd party when I was 9 months pregnant. LOL. I was in that nesting stage and I Wanted some super awesome crazy party. Well, by my standards anyway. The theme was Clifford and I made a paw cake and dog bone cookies (slaved over). We had all the decorations and favors. YEah, that was my weird year.

Never again.

Anyway, dh's mom was really into those big themed parties.

In contrast, growing up at my house, we always like invited a couple of friends over and ordered pizza and watched a movie. So that is more how I roll.

Dh scares me sometimes when he talks of re-creating his childhood birthday parties. I told him straight up if that was his thing his mom could help him. IT could be their baby. I have no interest in making a Spiderman cake and hiring Spiderman, and on and on and on. So it will be interesting to see the way of the kids' parties when they are older. If that is what they want to do... I just have no interest in it. Big Grin

Somehow I survived without the fanfare. I just don't see the point. Once in a blue moon sounds great, but every year? Ugh.

3 Responses to “Dollar Store Finds”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I love coloring books for kids. it was so fun for me growing up. And I understand how you want to give out quality stuff, but i do not ever remember coming away from a party disapointed with what I got. Though years later going through my "kiddie toys" I came across some cheap stuff that I would def not put in the "quality" catagory...but I couldnt tell at the time.

  2. Aleta Says:

    I also love coloring books for kids. When we were hosting our son and future dil's rehearsal brunch, we had it in Beaufort S.C. at a beautiful restaurant that had a park in the front with playground equiptment. Never expected any bad weather but we had rain that day. I had been told not to bother with the children because they would be outside playing. Thank goodness for the coloring books. The kids were entertained. So, I vote for them as well. Dollar stores have great coloring books for kids. I like the idea about the balloons.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Oh the kids could care less. I am just SO tired of the little crappy toys everywhere. I throw them away when they go unnoticed for a bit. But I HATE throwing things away. I think it's my pet peeve.

    So I clarify that I hate all the disposable gifts.

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