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July 10th, 2008 at 03:04 pm

Dh and I went to So Cal for a wedding in Fall 2003. We were very close to all the fires at the time, and it was actually kind of a novelty. I mean, we were watching the news - everyone losing their homes, half the people at the wedding we talked to were worried about their homes, and our flight home got canceled due to the fires. So it wasn't a very FUN experience. But the ash raining from the sky was a bit of a novelty. We were only there for 24 hours or so.

The fires here aren't close enough to be raining ash, but I am getting really sick of this whole smoke thing. We already had a week of this, and this week has gotten MUCH worse.

Yesterday the smoke was seeping into the office. I don't even know how long I can last there. Or if I would want to. At least our house seems to be keeping the smoke out. It was refreshing to get home last night.

It is also 110 degrees, I think much because of the smoke. So I am just not a happy camper this week.

I am never happy to be completely holed up indoors.

I don't particularly remember any Nor Cal fires in the past. Nothing like this.

The nearest fire is 90 miles away, but it is really wreaking havoc.

I guess I am getting a taste of life in So Cal. Remind me to never move there!!! Places like San Diego have tempted me in the past. But, nevermind...

It does usually get HOT here in the summer, but 99% of the time it cools off very nicely in the evening/nighttime.

So anyway, 110 degree weather means no cool off, and I wake up sweating.

I woke up around 1am or 2am last night just SWELTERING. The thermostat said something like 82 but it felt like 90. So I put the air on at 81 hoping that would do. We did run the A/C most of the night.

I am downstairs now and am just sweltering. Thermostat says 80 but is it clearly much warmer in here. Ugh.

Yesterday it was 82. The cold air from upstairs has no doubt affected the thermostat in the entry way, though it feels just as hot (as yesterday) when you get into the family room.

Today is s'posed to be the last day of extreme heat. Crossing my fingers. I am hoping cooler nights means more wind and good riddance to some of this smoke. IT blew completely away for a week in between there. At least we had a break.


I think I am turning into a bit of an ebay addict. Big Grin

My auctions yesterday were rather hit and miss.

How dorky is this. I have a pile of kid clothes that are spring/summer. I kept putting them off thinking I couldn't sell those in the summer. I finally listed them this week.

But along with those I also put up some "winter" shoes. I didn't think of them much as winter shoes. They are sold as winter shoes, but I don't think they would be good winter shoes. I can wear them any month though I admit I would not likely wear them in July or August - a little too warm. But the weather is mild here and I find them to be a nice casual shoe.

So I put those up and I only got 99 cents. I don't think it hit me until after the auction ended that maybe I should have held off a couple of months to post them - closer to fall.

Doh! LOL.

But I probably over estimated on the shipping so I think it works out. Maybe made $2-$3.

Hoped to make more.

BUT I had a pile of used bibs to sell. So 2 people got into a bidding war and it got bid up to about $15.

$15 for my pile of old bibs?

$0.99 for my brand new shoes? (NIB)

I am happy with the combined result.

I guess I am now a fan of multi-listing. Before I would just sell something in a blue moon. Something I KNEW would sell high.

So this has been an interesting experience.

Dh had an auction end $0.99 as well.

But the rest of his have done far better than expected.

I am just happy to be rid of the stuff.

I think I see a lot of ebay in our future. I think we will be more likely in the future, to use ebay for small things around the house. Likewise, dh is selling a lot of games he is picking up from garage sales. HE joked I should go bib shopping at the garage sales. He does have a point. Easy to ship. That was an EASY auction for $15.

So, with all our "little" auctions I just transferred $90 over from Paypal.

So I am just very pleased. A very easy side income stream.

Probably a little late to the table, but here we are.


Dh also bought another Wii yesterday. He snatched up a $200 Wii with a LOT of extras.

I think he may have been keen to keep this one, but he said it wasn't very well taken care of (not near as nice as the last few he got).

It was a teen and he went over to pick it up. While he was there he said it was kind of awkward. The parents were going on and on how they paid $500 for the system. They were like, "We just bought that for you! You know that cost us $500!?! You are selling it for $200!?!" He said they were very nice but were teasing their son about the whole thing and making a point what a great deal my dh got. They also mentioned they had gotten MANY replies about it. But dh spotted it first.

He's like, duh. Would never pay $500 for all that. NEVER.

Likewise, the kid could have easily gotten much more. Of course he got a lot of responses.

So not only is the kids spoiled but he didn't even get near as much as he could with it. Dh hopes to get $350. It was a really good package.

That was his score for the day. He said maybe $300 because the games were a little beat up.

& still leaves him $400 seed money.

Did I mention I am REALLY enjoying having some extra money around? Money I didn't have to work for. I had almost forgotten what that was like. Wink

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  1. FrugalFish Says:

    I hope they are able to get a handle on the fires soon, but wouldn't count on it. We are in SoCal and our valley is filled with smoke- where it is coming from, I don't know, perhaps the fire near Santa Barbara, which is quite far away. I hate the eerie red glow that the sun takes on when there's so much smoke in the atmosphere, it always makes me feel antsy.

    We often have fires burning in the hills around our valley. Thank goodness there are not any at present, and pray that it stays that way for the sake of firefighting resources. I am grateful to live on a valley floor, where the risk of fire is minimal (unless I leave the stove burner on).

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