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Busy Day

July 4th, 2008 at 05:11 pm

Today I have the day off, but I will work FAR harder than usual.

I am listing a few things on ebay. I pulled them out a year ago. Maybe longer. So I am getting around to that FINALLY. Have some baby clothes (MIL bought way too too-small sizes and I had been waiting for warmer months to post the spring/summer outfits). I also have a pair of shoes I never returned and some other baby stuff.

Dh listed a few more games.

I had one more item for Craigslist.

HEck, most of the stuff I am getting rid of were gifts.

IT will feel good to be rid of this pile. Phew...

Then I can make a new one. LOL!!!


Oh yeah, going to sit down and plan a menu for the kids' party. I'll post what we come up with.

Dh is getting me some tequila as we speak so I can enjoy my "Tastefully Simple" frozen margaritas. Yum!

I also made the cinnamon muffins today. $6 for ONE thing of muffin mix. You know the muffin mix wasn't that great, but you dip them in butter and roll them in their "cinnamon" mix.

That is exactly how we make our homemade cinnamon toast. So the kids LOVED it and I Realized I could probably find a better homemade recipe online and use my old cinnamon technique. Ours is simply sugar and cinnamon. Theirs tasted the same.

Yeah, I am still annoyed at myself for buying as much as I did. I can assure you I won't buy refills. I am scoping out reasonable alternatives. Since we usually home cook most of the time, then it's no biggie for me just to start from scratch if I can find the recipes.


Beyond all that, we need to clean house.

I think today is kind of busy, but tomorrow we will probably go to the pool. (Mostly want to stay indoors in the afternoon and will be watching fireworks in the PM. We may drive over to the mall, but still far enough away that LM will not be frightened. I hope anyway).

Sunday we are going back to the zoo sanctuary at LM's request. For his birthday.

I asked the kids where they wanted to go - if they can go anywhere (Within reason anyway). LM said - "The gym!" LOL.

I told him I am sure we could arrange that on his birthday - he loves the play room.

So I suggested the zoo. HE was VERY game.

Dh picked Chuck E Cheese. I used to love it as a kid, but it has really gone downhill (we went once but BM does not remember). Anyway, so we will go, but I don't look forward to it. LOL. We'll go on a week night - hopefully less crowded. I am sure the kids will LOVE it.

Then we have the family/home party the following Saturday (I think we will get the adults hooked on Rummikub) and their little McDonald's party on Sunday.

So busy busy busy here.

I also told dh we could try for Indian food again this weekend. Third times a charm???

I want to do some major cleaning, so I probably have too much on my plate. !! But we'll figure it out.

We still haven't cleaned the carpets because the last guy we REALLY liked but he is apparently out of business. I need to ask around. I figured it's not the worse to clean them AFTER the party. Though I am a little embarassed how bad the carpet has gotten in the main living area.

Will renew my resolve to get that taken care of after the party, and will have new rules - NO food or drinks in there. Until the kids are 25 or something. LOL. which is most of the mess - spilled sippy cups.

Next week should be nice and quiet at work though since the kids do not have preschool. Phew. Frees me up so much not to drive them, and gas has precluded dh from helping me much.

The following week is useless. I have a day off, I have another day off for a seminar, and we have a big luncheon another day. So I have to buckle down and be EXTRA productive next week, and then survive all this birthday madness.


A friend was making outdoor party suggestions to me. I Was thinking, "Are you crazy?" No matter what day I pick the kids' birthday party day is always 110 degrees. IT has certainly never been below 100 degrees, and we have no shade during the day.

She did mention her son's birthday was July, but she might be luckier than me. More to the point, she has older kids, shade and a POOL! LOL.

She did mention bouncy house though. The kids would probably melt. Literally. I don't think they would even rent them to us in that kind of heat (I am sure there would be liability there since they are ovens). Thinking, no, my kids will never get their own bouncy house for their birthday. I just don't see the point anyway.

Go figure, I pulled up the forecast and it is s'posed to be 103 degrees on LM's birthday. I of course gave birth on the hottest days of the year, as well.

It has been unusually mild here (from my experience anyway). So the 103 degrees next week will be that much more shocking.


I'm staying indoors, thanks...

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