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So Close...

June 22nd, 2008 at 03:12 am

I mentioned earlier dh listed his old projector on Craigslist.

I'd frankly take $100. Original estimate was $500 in 2005 (not too much less than original price). But being that it is 3 years later and dh is more attached to his baby than he would admit at the time yeah, I'll take anything.

Anyway, Some guy offered $250 but was driving in a solid 1.5 hours.

Dh said if he could pick it up today, it was his.

I was estatic!!

Guy found projector closer to home, so backed out at the last minute.

Bummer. Would have been perfect to pay for our new receiver.

But anyway, he had an interest of 2 or 3 people thus far, at the $300 listing. About 2 or 3 more than usual.

I am optimistic we will sell it soon. Woohoo.

Today wasn't very exciting. Preparing for camping and cleaning the house a bit.

I think dh and I have ran like 10 separate errands in the van. It is just never ending today.

I went to get a hair cut. The heat made we want a MAJOR chop. Wouldn't you know it I got there when it was closing. (Huh???). I would have gone sooner but dh needed the car all day. I remember in the past them being open later on Saturdays.

I thought to try another place on the way home, after I got ice cream. Doh. I just wasn't motivated to make ANOTHER trip out. Dh just got back from Target. We needed granola bars.

Anyway, he mentioned the Super Cuts (my arch enemy) by Wal Mart (in the worst shopping center ever - horrible parking lot). I said, eh, I don't need a hair cut that bad. LOL.

I usually go to Great Clips. I know, but I just had a horrible experience (or 2 or 3 or 4) at Super Cuts. So I just refuse to go. The Great Clips by my house, on the other hand, is awesome. I have gotten so many awesome cuts there, and pretty much no bad ones (knock on wood). Probably can be attributed to this particular franchisee. Does a good job. So, anyway. I would have been willing to stop about anywhere else, but for the ice cream. Will have to wait...

I will have to pack lots of hair scrunchies and the like. Oh I so looked forward to camping in the heat with a lighter head of hair.

If it's cold at night I guess I will appreciate my long locks. Big Grin I'll look on the bright side.

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