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Switching E-mails/Big Feet

June 18th, 2008 at 02:27 pm

I am in e-mail hell.

Our internet is not working so well (our new DSL) and we have a tech coming out today to take a look. My dh is pretty tech savvy, but this is over his head.

A shame, because it is the cheapest service we have found. I guess if you have any internet suggestions, let me know. But we like it FAST. (Not resorting to dial up - hehe).

If it cost more than $10 it cost more than our old setup though. *sigh* I think this is $25 monthly. $20 or $25.

For now we are trying ATT.

Anyway, so I told dh I would just switch all my a-mails to my yahoo account. If I need a more firm address I at least I have my work e-mail. Dh will be out of luck.

Anyway, I am very overwhelmed with this change.

Dh has this habit of never deleting old e-mails. So all his "real" e-mails for the last few years sit in hi in-box.

It drives me nuts because I check my e-mail in the same place.

I now realize this is genius. I need to weed through my PILES of junk mail to refresh my memory who all has my old e-mail so I can notify them of the change.


I was trying to remember why I only remember doing this once.

Oh yes, I had an aol account for the first 10 years I had e-mail. Eventually I switched over to our cable e-mail accounts because I was sick of junk mail.

I welcome the change, but will be sorry to gunk up my yahoo with potential junk too.

I have a gmail account with a faux name for communities where I prefer to remain anonymous. So for here, nothing will change.

But anyway, yes, I remember on my maternity leave with BM, that I switched my e-mail over. I remember writing down a list of like 20 entities to make sure I changed my e-mail with.

Today, I wouldn't even know where to begin. The last 5 years we have come such an e-mail society.

I wouldn't be surprised if I am on 100 mailing lists of sorts.

Also, I am noticing that if you change your e-mail they want to confirm with your old e-mail account. Oy vey.

I will try to knock out as much as possible this week. I really want to cancel our old cable and e-mail. Seems like they should give you a grace period to check e-mail and work this stuff out. Maybe they do... I don't know.

But I am overwhelmed with this project. Particularly since I would prefer to move everything over to our new internet account eventually.



I have been terrible on the exercise front.

I thought maybe I would try to go to aerobics last night, but the freeway is closed again and as I guessed it was a traffic nightmare.

I started heading that way, and quickly gave up.

I hadn't brought my gym stuff though - I should have known.

I took LM for a walk instead. Will try the gym tonight.

I got my new shoes from 3rd pair I tried. I have been new shoe shopping for MONTHS.

You don't know how much I wish now I had bought a 2nd pair of my old shoes. They just don't make them any more. At almost 3 years, they are giving up the ghost.

Anyway, these shoes fit, but it's about all the good I can say about them. *sigh* I am giving them a try, and if they by some miracle become extremely comfortable, I night buy another pair or 2 for the future. Wink Certainly I will if I ever find such a PERFECT pair of shoes again, as my last ones.

Yeah, it took months just to find a pair of shoes that FIT. My experience with was much better last time (more helpful reviews on the site). BUT I would literally order shoes at 7pm and they would arrive the next morning (no shipping charges). They also make it easy to return at no charge. I have 2 to return and one pair that actually fit and for now I am breaking them in... So zappos itself is great. But their review system doesn't seem to be as helpful as it was in the past.

I see part of the problem. Someone gave these shoes 5 stars in every category though in their review they state that the shoes are "just okay."

There should be a law. LOL. Don't give things 5 stars if they are just okay. Yeesh.

But mostly I am fed up that 19 of 20 reviewers would say shoes are true to size, when they aren't.

I mean seriously, are my feet growing or something??? I have been a solid 9-9.5. But I ended up with 10s. I don't usually have to get wides in tennies, but I guess now I do. I seriously feel like the shoes are getting smaller. Wink I guess it could be me...

Anyway, when I found zappos, it was the first time I could order a shoe and it was perfect on the first try. I guess I had a fair amount of luck my last couple of purchases... So this round is rather frustrating.

I even hit a few stores in an effort to save money.

YEah, so much for that! Never again... Shoes online - only online. Thank goodness for They do make it easy.

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  1. Swimgirl Says:

    When I order a brand of shoes that I haven't tried before from Zappos, I just order three pairs. My size, and one up and one down just in case. Then I ship the wrong two pairs back (free shipping both ways!) after I decide. I love that place! And while some of the shoes are outrageous in price, I have done the same thing for one of my daughters. Some of their kids stuff is prohibitively expensive, but some is no worse than Marshall's price!

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