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Changes & Cash

June 14th, 2008 at 04:37 am

I haven't felt very bloggy and I don't know why.


I see the good in it. I spend way too much time online sometimes...

We are adjusting to Dish. It is going to be a huge adjustments. Our old little TIVO only held 30 hours or so, so I actually spend a fair amount of time watching live TV in the evenings and weekends. TIVO is just for our favorites that we record every week. & a pile of kids shows for the kids, etc.

After work I played with the new setup for a while, trying to figure it all out. I am realizing that this is a VERY different set up. It is not "live TV" friendly AT ALL. I guess the whole point is to record whatever you think you may want to watch and ditch the live TV altogether. Which doesn't sounds so bad. It's just very different. Not exactly where we were at on our old setup. I still have no concept what 330 hours of TV is (how much the thing can hold). It will take a while to figure out this whole thing and strike a balance for us all.

It is so funny that just last week or so I told dh I was going to cut out some of my shows and cut back the TV a bit.

It was a little prophetic. The changeover gives me an excuse not to set up ALL my shows, etc. I think I will cut a few out.

Rather than spend a lot of time figuring out the new system, it might be easier to kind of ignore it.


Dh's mom sent him a Father's Day Card which arrived today.

The his family buys up cards at garage sales. (Then again, I don't even do cards. All I see is WASTE and I avoid cards and wrapping paper and all that stuff, as much as possible anyway).

Anyway, this sounds like a wonderful, frugal thing to do. At least I can't despise the card since it was bought used.

But last time his aunt or grandma sent us a card filled with cash (Mother's Day?) it arrived wide open. Cash intact, but the envelope was wide open.

Anyway, so today I pull the card out of the mail box, wide open, and I think, "Hmmmmmm, Father's Day..." I look at it and notice the card is opening towards the opening at the top. "Ugh," I think. If there was cash in there, it's long gone.

Wouldn't you know it, there was $40 cash in there?

I am not sure how much was in there, but by some miracle the cash stayed inside.

I told dh to call his mom and tell her to stop buying such cheap envelopes. LOL. Or to at least tape them or something. YEesh.

When I saw it I decided it would be nice money for a big date night this month. Going to dh's favorite restaurant. I asked dh if he agreed, and he is VERY game (excited for the night out). Will probably cover most of dinner... Woohoho!

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  1. scfr Says:

    Sounds like the cards she's buying are older ones with the glue losing its oomph. She might want to add a dab or two of fresh glue herself.

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