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June 13th, 2008 at 08:42 pm

My dad offered dh a bunch of external hard drives, (old ones he doesn't need/want) and dh is THRILLED. He has been wanting to upgarde his computer. This may hold him off a bit longer. They will be quite an upgrade for us.

We also are having DSL issues. Dh feels really bad, but forgot we switched out most of our upstair phone lines for ethernet. (Don't ask me what that means - I just relay what he says. Wink ).

Anyway, he has just been freaking out about it since the DSL stuff arrived and he realized he couldn't install it.

I venture it is not that hard to run a phone line (as we paid someone to run a bunch of ethernet cables there in the past). I just don't see what the biggy is.

He's annoyed it will cost more money. & he is talking to switching to a service that is $15/month more, to fix the problem.

I'd rather pay the cost up front to run telephone wires. I am honestly surprised he doesn't have a clue how to. I know my dad could help. We can go buy a 100-foot phone wire, or something, in the interim, and get it set up (run it from our bedroom to the den) and then take care of making it look pretty later. NExt time one of our dads are in town... I just don't see the biggie.

I know the phone companies run wires pretty cheap anyway. I really doubt it would cost that much. Wires are already run between the rooms - just different kinds.

Anyway, he is all stressed out, but his dad said he has a bunch of wireless stuff laying around.

For now we have some of our computers networked by wires, and the rest on wireless. (Don't ask me... Mostly into the wires until we got a laptop and we switched some of them to wireless, with the laptop).

So anyway, he thinks he will get everything he needs from his dad, for free, to set it up wireless-ly.

So yay!

When I Was a kid I knew my way around a computer pretty well. I Was always self-sufficient and just figured all this stuff out for myself. Not very handy or mechancial, but there really shouldn't be much to it.

These days I am completely LOST. Dh takes care of that stuff, and I wouldn't have a clue what to do without him. !!! With time all of this stuff has gotten increasingly complicated.

Netowrks and wireless and DSL, oh my. Way over my head...

He is in charge of everything computer, music (CDs and MP3s and all that) and everything cable/TV related.

I guess we make a good team. I take care of the money.

IT works. Though it would probably be good if I had a clue what he has going on in the house and if he had a clue about our finances. Wink We both just know the bare minimum. IT exists and the other person has it handled...

2 Responses to “Free Stuff”

  1. klbb90 Says:

    In my house the expert on DSL, ect was a 15 (now 17) year old. He did a great job and he's great a troublshooting problems. I'm clueless. also.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Good point. I bet for many their kids are the experts...

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