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How long Does it Take to Install Satellite Dish?

June 12th, 2008 at 08:31 pm

So far, 5 hours +.

The guy got there at 8am on the dot (From our 8-4 timeframe, I'd say we lucked out).

I just called dh and he said the guy was STILL there and it wasn't working. Likewise, the had the order wrong and it also took 5 hours to change the order, so the guy could give him the second DVR.


Not a good first impression of Dish.

Well, they were the cheapest. But also impressed dh the most on the phone.

Not so much in person...

LM was very dissapointed. He thought "Mr. Dish" would be a talking dish. I told him well, he would install something that looked like a "dish" on the house. He asked if that dish would talk.

I guess he got his heart on meeting a live Dish!


2 Responses to “How long Does it Take to Install Satellite Dish?”

  1. sagegirl Says:

    We have Dish and I really like it. in our area they sub-contract for installs, so you may have just gotten a bad tech. Our service with Dish has pretty much been problem free. We have been Dish Network customers for more than 10 years.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I know, my dh is still very stressed about the whole thing and I Told him we need to call in another installer. Doh! The guy was clueless. He was there until 6pm. His van broke down so he might have escaped shortly after I posted around 4pm, but then dh went out and found him again because the wind blew it and it stopped working. Egads!!!!

    The guy was clueless. Though from my end I Was thinking that was one bad day for that guy. Stuck with my angry husband and a no means of escape (Car troubles and all). Hehe.

    Good to know there is hope!

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