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Making Progress...

June 8th, 2008 at 03:43 pm

I cleaned 3 rooms of the house yesterday. Deep clean.

It's not nearly as impressive. I took the 3 smallest/least cluttered rooms in the house, and just cleaned them top to bottom.

LM had some stains on his carpet and some gunk on the wall. Stuff like that. The window sills attract way too much dirt, so wiped them down. Vacuumed. Went through seeing if there was anything to toss.

Not really, but did take down his window valence and wall decor. Prepping to redo his room, ideally in July or August.

I had already tossed aside th crib bedding, which matched, to sell. So will list all that together.

BM's room was much easier. He had grabbed a leaf off our tree though and stored it in there. It had made kind of a mess and I ordered him to toss it. I felt lucky not to find any living organisms in there (except for a spider which meant I didn't clean his window sill. Ugh!!) LOL. He had a habit of bringing worms home in his pocket and stuff like that. & a ladybug he kept under his bed at one point. So I Was relieved not to find anything up there - I wouldn't rule it out. He seems to be better but had a talk about leaves.

We had been thinking of buying a new toy box for LM, but realized BM's bed has lots of room for storage. So I pulled his toy box out and put it in LM's room yesterday. Stuff like that.

I even dusted the blinds. !!!!!!

I hit the living room as well. Admittedly the smallest/emptiest room in the house. While I had the feather duster out I went over the piano. I rather ignored it since I usually keep up on it. It is black and covers with dust easily. I usually stay pretty on top of it. So my efforts were to clean what rarely gets cleaned, more than the usual. The living room had some windows/blinds, a couch I went over with the vacuum, and a side table. I tossed its table cover in the wash (has probably been years).

Oh, washed out the cat litter box real well. We keep the box in the living room since it is the farthest room from regular human contact. LOL.

& wala, I deep cleaned 3 rooms.

I half heartedly cleaned the guest bath and deep cleaned the toilet since I needed a few more really disgusting rags to round out that laundry load. LOL.

The dining/kitchen/family room is a little more overwhelming since there is so much clutter to go through. I need to sit down with dh and really decide to toss some things. I may work on today, cleaning it up a bit. The kitchen is a mess right now and needs a light clean up if nothing else.

Dh has his theater room and his office which are rather off limits. Though he has more stuff, like the kids rooms, there is little to clean.

My office is at the nook on the top of the stairs. I probably need to go through it and give my desk a good dusting too. Though not it's own room it is its own space. IT's big enough to warrant a deep clean.

Which also really just leaves our bedroom. I could probably hit that next weekend, with the deep clean (may take advantage since dh and the kids may be gone for a bit).

There is the kids' bathroom (which we use for the shower too) but it is rather kept up.

I could probably spend one solid weekend on the kitchen and one in the family room.

I would like to send off the kids for a weekend and go through the garage too. Admittedly, summer will not be the time for that task.

So yeah, I admit I started rather EASY to get into a swing. With gas prices, might as well stay home and catch up on stuff around the house.

Besides all that, I got the invites for the kids birthday parties out. Phew.

Dh picked up some stuff for me at Target (invites and such) and went to the bank for me. I felt extra productive with all that help.

Of course, the weather here has been quite lovely. Now that I think about it, we should have really gotten out and enjoyed this weekend. Summers when we don't want to step outside may be better for cleaning days.

We haven't turned on the A/C here this month, and really not much since we got back from Disney. Phew. Knock on wood and all that too. But with the exception of the heat wave while we were gone, summer is off to a mild start. Our electric bill for May was rather low too.

Anyway, besides all that, I forgot to mention we listed 3 big things on Craigslist. Which is also nice with the one room at a time deep clean. We can space out the de-cluttering a bit.

We generally sell the big things/donate the small things.

I completely forgot aerobics class yesterday. Doh. I certainly got a workout, but still. Felt like a dork for forgetting...

I also bought a new pair of workout shoes from zappos. They just e-mailed me to tell me my shoes shipped already and the sent them rush delivery at no charge, "just because."


I would have loved to buy my old shoes again - some Reebok walking shoes that are just DIVINE. I saw from my order history they are 2.5 years old!! A little worn, time for a change. & I only paid like $45 for those suckers. But they don't sell them anymore. Bummer!! I went for Nikes. I used to be a Nike girl because I would pick them up at the outlets. So I spent a little more than usual, but kept it under $60. If they last 2 years too, well worth it...


As of today we are looking at AT&T internet and Dish satellite for TV. Oh boy. Dh is going crazy.

Oh yeah, and I inadvertently talked him into the more expensive package. Stupid me.

We'll see what we end up with...

I think we are getting a significant upgrade in our TV setup, with little upgrade in price. Overall, I think we are both pleased with what we have decided on. We'll see how we feel once it is in place. Hopefully switching over this week.

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  1. zetta Says:

    For leaves, teach BM to put them between two pieces of wax paper, and then put inside a very heavy book (think old-style dictionary). They'll press flat, the wax will preserve them, and they'll stay very pretty.

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