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News Bulletin: MLMs Suck

June 4th, 2008 at 08:28 pm

Ebay here I come...

I figured out my MLM today.

To start, I joined a MLM back in 2004.

IT was young enough that sales are easy, the profit margin is 50%, and the product sells with 0 effort.

From my experience in it I am not so down on MLMs. They certainly have their pitfalls (MANY) but they can also be somewhat profitable if you do it right.

For me, I did a show and so had to shell out little money to get in. You have to buy just so much product to get in, but the show covered that - my friends bought me in.

I did a few shows, but it was not my thing. The person above me let me borrow her inventory though.

Once you get into inventory, that's a whole other ballpark. But I never carried any. The shows would make good money, though just not my thing. I could sell a decent amount with no inventory, and no effort anyway.

I would never buy the stuff full price, and they welcome "personal shoppers" who really just sign up for the discount.

So it goes.

In the meantime I guess they changed some of the rules on quotas. They quotas are the same (can reach them in my sleep) BUT they changed to anniversary date based fiscal years, from annual years.

No one knows this.

I particularly didn't have a clue.

So they dropped me.

They say they warned me in an e-mail. No doubt lost in my sea of junk mail.

From my conversation today, with them, I turned pretty sour on them rather fast.

"Well, you could always sign up again" {with a big order at only 25% off, and lot's of fees}"

Um, yeah, I think I will pass. (Are they kidding???)

Way to go treating your customers.

I will probably never buy their product again. Way too overpriced at retail.

No more free jewelry for me. But I really rarely even wear it anyway.

I am kind of looking forward to the de-cluttering. I could get a decent amount on ebay with my NWT jewelry, slightly used jewelry, sales supplies, etc., etc., etc. I can toss a lot of their crap in the trash too. PAperwork and such. Woohoo!!!!!!!!

I know it is no real news bulletin that MLMs suck. But I am dissapointed this one went the way of suck.

In the past, the 12/31 quota deadline has been a serious issue. So serious that they allowed a January grace period, for the FIRST time this year.

But believe me, the top dogs do not want to lose their commissions due to this bull crap. The person above me had no clue the rules changed and the person above her is a pretty top dog. She usually calls me, personally, in December to make sure I buy enough to stay current.

No calls; no warnings. I have the feeling they will raise a stink and I may get invited back in at some point.

I will happily decline if that day comes.


Yeah, mostly just had to vent.

I think my person may take pity on me and give me the profit on this last sale I had. I thought I had made an easy $100 or so until I tried to place my order. Bah!


I am probably a sucker for punishment but I was invited to a MLM party over the weekend. (A FOOD one).

I must say, I can not resist FOOD!!!

Likewise, since it is Saturday afternoon and requires no schedule juggling, I will give it a whirl. I won't be surprised if it is cancelled at the last minute (not enough people). In fact, I will be prepared for it.

I don't expect to buy anything. Don't worry. Wink

I usually loathe these stupid parties, but the product is good (though overpriced), and it is a really good friend. *sigh*

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  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    What did the MLM sell again? The one you joined a while back? Just curious.

  2. monkeymama Says:


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