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Credit Card Usage 2007

February 24th, 2008 at 02:06 am

Well, I got an e-mail a long time ago my annual summary was ready, but I hadn't looked at it.

Here it is in all its glory.

we try to budget around $1200-$1300/month for regular purchases. But we put so much other stuff on the cards. (Whatever we can anyway). So it really skews the balances. All in all, I think we spent less than the prior year. I can already tell 2008 started out much less spendy.

Misc. - was primarily medical/dental bills

Services - mostly diaper service and utility bills

Merchandise - mostly groceries & all our other purchases

Auto - repairs and Fuel

April - dh spent $2k on video stuff (TV & PSP)

May - We had a $1k car repair

June - we used a new credit card to get some rewards (so spent less than usual on this particular card).

August - I put a good $3000 on my card for our Japan flights. My parents reimbursed me since they paid. But I am the travel agent of the family. Big Grin

So, the total for the year was $26,000.

Really $23,000 when you take out the flights. Probably a good $1k charged to other cards, so comes out to a pretty even $2k/month.

Some things we spent in 2007:

Travel & Entertainment:
Museums, Aquariums, Amusement Parks
Expenses for Cruise, Japan, Vegas, Florida (mostly dining since most of the rest of these trips were free).

So all that was only $1200.

Dining Out - $1300 Not a ton; mostly take out/fast food

Auto - about $3k gas; $1300 repairs/maint.

Merchandise - was $10k.

I'd peg $6k groceries/household. $2k dh's purchases. & another $2k on other merchandise.

Services - $3400 - gym, utilities, diaper service, ID theft monitoring, blockbuster online, etc.

Misc. - $1600 - was medical/dental, charity. Also DMV renewals and payments to city for programs/classes.

& that sums up 2007!

I always find it interesting to see it all laid out like that.

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  1. disneysteve Says:

    I also like those year-end summaries, though I find Chase misappropriates certain items so it is good to review the detail of charges.

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