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$22 richer...

December 21st, 2007 at 07:57 pm

$20 challenge:

$9,406.87 - Balance 11/26

$ 22.00 - Sold Toy

$9,428.87 - Balance 12/21

We sold one toy today. $22.

This one I tried to sell last year and I got all annoyed when someone asked for it for $20 "because money was tight." Whatever.

But then I regretted my annoyance.

I mean if they wanted to haggle, that was fine. I didn't care. I just thought that was a cheap card to play. Of course money is tight... When you have an infant!

Anyway, then I had no other offers and I Felt rather stupid. Then I was lazy. I posted it a couple of time no bites.

Dh listed it this week at $25. Lady would pay full price but we didn't have change, so we took $22.

Not bad!

My house is feeling lighter by the minute. It was a big, bulky thing. So, phew.

Reminds me, we tend to go through the toys every winter and summer, and prune. We haven't done it yet. But best to do that before the slew of Christmas toys. Maybe tonight. Make another Goodwill pile...

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