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Maybe $700?

November 29th, 2007 at 03:16 pm

I woke up early and so was double checking on Vegas info this mornings. Bus is still cheap as I remember but they do have a monorail. Cost twice as much BUT I know of no other way to get across the strip in 10 minutes. Sounds like QUITE an addition. The Deuce was a big step up, and the monorail sounds even better. We'll see what we think in person anyway. Interesting to see how things evolve with time. (I had no idea they put in a monorail!)

Also was checking out all the buffet reviews and such. We are huge fans of the Spice Market Buffet (Aladdin) but I think this time we'll try Mandalay Bay too. Looks similar, but better priced.

We're staying on the north end of the strip which has the really cheap buffets. So a dinner there. & then we'll dine at Fremont Street and at our favorite Indian restaurant (also very near our hotel).

I pinned down more of a $180 budget for dining and about $60 for transportation (shuttle, buses, monorail). This assumes all the info I saw online was current (not so sure). Leaves $60 for incidentals, unexpected things, and gambling. If we adjust our budget to $300. Much more realistic but I am excited to try a new buffet, and that will be for quite an amount of food. Yes, we will have to hit they gym on our return. Though I am sure we will also do PLENTY of walking.

It seems like every time we go to Vegas we spend more money. But we also enjoy more. Gotta splurge once in a while I guess. WIll be fun...

Actually we have never stayed 3 nights before, so accounts for much of the cost. Eating out is such a budget buster when it comes to vacation. It just adds up so fast and is always maddening since it is so much easier to eat way cheaper at home. I mean $180 on food? At home that's 2 weeks of food for 4 of us!! I feel like food is always the vacation budget buster. But we are certainly splurging and enjoying in this case. Just what I always find is so pricey about vacation. The food will cost about as much as our plane tickets this time around...

4 Responses to “Maybe $700?”

  1. koppur Says:

    Hey there. Just got back from Vegas! I have 3 suggestions for you for eating. At the Californian Hotel and Casino (at Freemont St) there is a hawaiian restaurant on the 2nd floor. The best food and so cheap! I got a HUGE bowl of rice w/teriaki chicken and mixed veggies for $5. HUGE bowls of Udon Soup for $3.00, and tons more. I highly reccommend it; we ate there twice in 4 days. LOL Smile

    Also, more expensive, but definately worth it if you like Sushi, there is a place called Makino's at the Outlet malls near Freemont St. It's $20 per perso for lunch, all you can eat sushi buffet. I know $20 is pricey, but when you figure it is sushi, it's nice and cheap.

    And finally, also on Freemont St, the Mermaids casino has a Nathan's Hot Dog stand in the back on the first floor. $1 hot dogs, fried twinkies and all sorts of other goodies.

    Have a great trip!

  2. fern Says:

    do you eat out 3 meals a day? maybe just for breakfast you could find some supermarket there and pick up some breakfast cereal and milk and fruit, if you have a fridge in the hotel room.

    it may not sound like much in savings, but even at a pancake house or something you could probably spend $20 for breakfast, so x 3 would be worth the savings.

  3. scfr Says:

    Isn't planning a trip fun?!? I just love the planning stage.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I didn't see all your comments but no, with the buffets about 1 meal a day suffices. Certainly no eating out 3 times a day!!! One nice meal and one cheapo is about our speed.

    We wanted to splurge on dining, was the point. But I will certainly make note, Koppur, for next time. Big Grin
    But we're back and was fun!!!!

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