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Dh went shopping today...

November 23rd, 2007 at 03:43 pm

He went out. He is not an early riser in the least but I woke up at 6am and he was nowhere to be found. "Oh lord," I thought. He went shopping!

He got home at 7am and said it wasn't very crowded.

Usually hits up Fry's and easily waits in line there all morning, but said no good deals this year. Well, nothing he wanted or was worth waiting in line for...

He bought a new razor scooter at Target for $7 cheaper than the one we already bought. (So $20 instead of the $27 we paid. Original price around $50). Probably not worth it alone, but they also had some PS3 guitar game thing at 33% off.

He said there was no line. (It was certainly crowded but he shopped fast!)

He also went by a game store that had "Hero Scape" - some kind of board game he has been all excited about but seemed too pricey - got it for $20 instead of $40 full price.

The kids are with Grandma so we are going to go wrap up the presents now. We got LM a train set and I will probably run to the Dollar Store next week for the stocking stuffers. Oh yeah, we also have a PILE of free books from Sholastic (3 boxes actually) and dh bought a few games that were $5 after rebate (something like that). So we'll wrap some of those. So though we wanted to keep it simple because the kids get so spoiled anyway, yeah they have a lot to unwrap from us... Since the books are from teacher grandma anyway (she has a so MANY unused points that we have to use this year...) I asked her to please take credit for all the gifts. I left the "from" line blank on all those while they work it out. I would love it if she put her name on all the gifts and didn't buy anything else. It gets to be WAY too much with dh's family. So I know this is really wishful thinking. But we'll see! {After further thinking I decided those games/books would go a long way for stocking stuffers. I might by them some candies or treats but I think we're pretty set for Santa. Plenty for grandma AND Santa with the 3 boxes!}.

My work is done. Big Grin I just have a pile of checks to write in Christmas. & some things I can do online (donations and such). I am waiting until December to spread out some of the costs. The hard work is definitely done...

Here is to another "simple" christmas.

& yay to dh for saving some dollars. You couldn't pay me to shop today. LOL.

We have a quiet day with no kids which is really COOL! We might splurge on a Greek lunch out. I am looking forward to taking a NAP! I just love naps. I am sure dh would love to go to the movies, but with Vegas next week I told him we should rent a movie instead. (Plenty of free coupons from Blockbuster). He does have his theater screen you know. He seems content with that. I don't know why with the kids gone the urge is there to spend money. But lunch out will be really nice - and not too pricey. & we are going to stay in otherwise.

Oh yeah - and I need to hit the gym. I can not tell you the last time I made it to gym or aerobics. It's just been hectic. I think I can hit it Today & Sunday.

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