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ID Theft Update

September 22nd, 2007 at 02:35 am

I got my second clearance from the mail - Macy's. 2 down and 5 to go. (Really like 2 more to go since Sears cleared me which was under Citibank with 3 other cards. Lord knows what is taking the other 3 so long. But if Citi admits that card is fradulent, then the rest should follow).

VEry slow going. It's been about 60 days.

I also got my true FICO score update and it is up to 757 from 685 last month. MUCH better. Most of the false stuff has been removed from my credit report (though 1 is now showing up on Experian). I am just waiting to get confirmation that I am released from all responsibility and then will have to pull my reports again and, hopefully 1 final time, ask to remove all the false stuff.

That credit score is with my balance transfer. I imagine it will shoot back to the 800s once I pay it off. In the meantime I said a million times I am not worried about the BTs when it comes to my credit score. It's nice to see my feelings about it were spot on. I figured even if it dropped low it would be quite temporary. But it looks like overall it has affected my score little.

Well hopefully in the next month I can close this chapter in my life. No more "ID Theft" updates would be nice. Big Grin

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