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Another Focus Group

August 23rd, 2007 at 11:38 am

$20 challenge:

$8,208.32 - Balance 7/31

$ 60.00 - Focus Group

$8,268.32 - Balance 8/23

Dh did a focus group on music last night. It was a little shorter than the last one and paid $60.

But he netted $135 in just 25 days.

Not bad, not bad at all...

They called me and invited my daughter and I to one for $35. Since I don't have a daughter, didn't work out, but I forwarded it to my friend who has daughters in the age range. Her and her husband work many many jobs and I knew she would appreciate the easy money. Not sure why I didn't mention to her sooner (duh moment).

Dh obviously fits the demographic and the kids help too (kids were invited to one already - just happened BM was out of town with grandma). I have yet to make it to one, but if dh and I could average one a month that would be a pretty sweet income stream. Another $1k-$2k/year with little effort?

Probably won't last forever as they get more of a database going, but they keep calling dh up for these $200 focus groups he does not qualify for in the Bay. (Disqualified by zip code). So for whatever reason he is wanted.

I am not in a favorable demographic apparently. Or one that is too saturated I guess...

Which reminds me I think I am out on surveys. I realize I feel like I have done 100 surveys for NFO and am just hitting the $5 mark. I can't even cash out until I make $10. I decided I am out. I just don't have the time for these. I haven't found it to be as easy as it seems... I could spend that time writing articles instead... Or working overtime taking home $25/hour. So I'm out... (I also applied for Pinecone and they didn't want me. It probably does not help that I rarely shop so why I am not good survey material).

ETA: I would probably have some cookie lee money too but I yet to receive the catalog that came out about 11 days ago. ?????????????????????? I am peeved. To hell with MLMs. LOL. Just weird - I will cash in soon enough though. Well, if I ever get the stinkin' catalog. I got 2 people wanting to order though if it ever arrives. Though it's not challenge money. But it's money. Big Grin

2 Responses to “Another Focus Group”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    any of these focus groups in sacramento? let me know too!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Yes - I just emailed you.

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