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Too optimisitc I guess

August 20th, 2007 at 02:59 pm

I just got am e-mail from WAMU that my credit score has dropped to 670. !!!

I am frustrated as I have signed up for the credit monitoring and I am hopeful that it will alert me to new accounts and stuff, but I don't show 5 false accounts showing up like WAMU does. Ugh. Plus I logged in to the credit monitoring today and 2 of the cards are showing up balances and all.

It is just frustrating. It will get cleared up in the long run, but lord knows when.

I am extra frustrated as I actually expected it to be up because 2 of the Credit Bureaus wrote me to say they had removed all the false inquiries, and I asked the third too (they were probably already in the process). They had also blocked the false accounts that were showing (I have to wait until the others show to block them though?).

& yet WAMU says it is reporting 5 credit cards I do not own and 7 inquiries (most not mine).

It's just FRUSTRATING. What else can I do?

I am still concerned about my Balance Transfer 0% rate. I was reading up and don't see anything that you credit score has anything to do with universal default. But lord knows why these are showing up on my credit report and what is to stop them to report them as unpaid or late, etc. until this is resolved? Well great, you won't do that but you will obliterate my credit score anyway.

I am also peeved with "Citi ID Theft Solutions." They are idiots all around. Not very helpful. The reason they need a whole ID theft department is because they perpetuate the fraud by letting people borrow $5k-$8k in other states and pay little attention to fishy activity. Under the non-city cards (2 of them) only $1 was stolen. All the theft happened with Citi for the most part. & they are idiots. (I just found out they had not closed 1 card they told me was taken care of). !!!! Luckily this is not the one obliterating my score as it was a small balance... But I had to call and sit on hold again with them another hour. They had told me oh I don't have to worry about it - they'll take care of it...

I am just peeved all around. If it's all taken care of, why is my score down over 100 points? Hardly taken care of...

I will probably pull all my credit reports in 2 weeks and send complaints off to the Bureaus again. Fun fun.

2 Responses to “Too optimisitc I guess”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Gosh, that is terrible!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I think there is a time lag. I am trying to figure this out because the FICO score says it was dated 8/1. Though that was not the score it showed me 8/1, it has obviously updated. I just don't know when.

    I am starting to think the score is lagging a bit behind all the events so hopefully it will clear up. On my triple advantage score check thing it says TransUnion shows nothing new and NONE of the fake cards - though they are s'posedly reporting this awful score.

    Then again I can't believe a few inquiries and a card (only one ever showed up on TransUnion as far as I knew) could devastate my score. What's up with that? I had no idea FICO was so precarious.

    I know my balance transfer isn't helping but who knew borrowing money would suck so bad for such a good score in the first place? I think the killer is it thinks I took out 5 cards in the course of a week. That would be a little crazy, wouldn't it be? Maybe FICO is just smart...

    We'll see...

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