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April 29th, 2007 at 03:05 pm

Oh yeah, it is a bad sign when you have to turn on the a/c in April. Yikes. It was a hot weekend and we waited it out, but last night it was up to 85 in the house so I turned on the ac for a bit to cool off the upstairs for the kids, before bed. Good move since I later opened the window but the neighbors were LOUD last night, and quickly closed the window - hehe. The 10-15 minutes of a/c did the trick and kept the house comfortable for the night. It's 77 in here right now and quite comfortable, as long as I don't do too much work in the house. Was over 90 outside yesterday - ick. The summers where it doesn't hit 100 degrees until July, I can deal with. But sometimes it starts hitting in May, and I am getting scared it will be one of those LONG summers. Hopefully it will cool off for a bit - I really rather have 1 more month of no a/c! The electric bill has been so nice and low!

Yesterday was REALLY nice. Dh had wanted to go to the Scottish Festival, which was quite expensive really. I told him I didn't want to be too stingy and cheap, but since we are going to Monterey next weekend... So we decided to go to the zoo and Fairytale Town which we have memberships too. & you would be proud of us. We packed up a lunch. There happens to be a pond and park between the zoo and Fairytale Town and so we decided to hit FT first, stop and eat lunch ,and maybe run by the zoo for a bit - it is very small.

Anyway, the heat was a bit much as the day progressed, but overall a very cheap and fun day. Kids had a blast.

The little FT also had a promotion where they are going to put in a "yellow brick road" and you can buy an inscribed brick for $100. Would love to to so - I think that is cool. Will have to think what we want to inscribe in it. For a good cause and all.

Anyway, for the ever present truth that less is more to kids, I had to share this. Fairytale Town has a few farm animals and slides and stuff to climb in. A fancy playground I guess. But they have this thing called the "crooked mile" which is basically a little raised path that winds round and round. So when we got there I plopped down and let BM run through it about 10 times. It might as well be a fancy roller coaster as far as he is concerned - the kids just LOVE it. Dh and I have always scratched our head on that one - who knew something so simple could be like the main attraction? LOL.

Here's a glimpse:

& then where we had our picnic lunch:

& the big duck who tried to grab my food. I was a little scared of him, but started snapping his picture and he ran off - he didn't like it - LOL. I guess he was a duck - I don't know - some big fellas.

We figured we wore out the kids real good and they would nap all afternoon and maybe even sleep well at night, but the plan backfired. They went on nap strike and were extra grumpy to boot, plus we were exhausted. Oh well. Baby had another awful night. Ugh.

We actually went to the SF zoo last year once and it was quite cheap, but the food did us in. So we are thinking about it for this year - we just need to pack up a lunch and go enjoy - the zoo even has free parking. I guess gas will be the pricey part, but is such a nice zoo. All we have to do is rein in the food costs to make it a pretty affordable excursion.

6 Responses to “Summer Here”

  1. Bookie Says:

    That "duck" looks like a goose to me. Not sure I'd want to argue with one about a sandwich.


  2. baselle Says:

    I'll have to remember that snapping a picture trick to scare geese. They're sometimes used to guard property in the country - who wants to argue with a hissing goose?

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Is that goose? Yikes - LOL. There were some obvious geese wandering around that I steered clear of. They are certainly aggressive and nasty. These ones were a little more docile - I guess I have never seen a goose that wasn't just plain white before. Though I thought they did seem a little aggressive - they came right up to our food.

    LOL. These ones looked more like the ducks but I figured maybe they weren't. Goose wan't my guess though. Like I said before, I am city girl. Thanks. Wink

  4. nance Says:

    Looks like a Canada Goose to me. They are pretty mellow, and get very used to people.

  5. robex Says:

    Yep, that's a Canada Goose. They can actually be quite nasty and very protective if their eggs are anywhere nearby. They will bite VERY hard if teased!

  6. monkeymama Says:

    I am not very fond of geese after being "attacked" by one when I was 3 or 4. Wink I can imagine!

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