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$1 for a house!

March 31st, 2007 at 10:42 pm

This morning my dh asked if I knew a rucicks cube is only $1. Huh? I didn't really care, wasn't interested. He was reading the paper, figured he saw an ad and wanted to spend money as usual - LOL. Just $1 but whatever. So I was kind of annoyed - I don't know, while I am thinking "do we need a rubicks cube???"

Then he told me why he had asked. He was reading an ad for a house. It said for $1 you can buy a rubicks cube, OR get a no money down deal to purchase a house! & of course the house is WAY better than an old rubicks cube.

Wow. Well if they put it that way, maybe I should go buy some more houses!!!!


How obnoxious!

We were joking the rubicks cube was a much better deal - hehe. Well, it is!

Interestingly, the same paper had a big article yesterday about how high foreclsures are getting in certain areas of California. Go Figure.

Of course now think dh is going to go out and buy a rubicks cube anyway because he is all excited how cheap they are. Whatever, if he can really find one for $1.

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  1. debt-free Says:

    Phewwww, for a minute i thought someone'd gone crazy and put a house up for sale for $1!

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