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Up .10%

March 27th, 2007 at 02:43 pm

I was just downloading all my interest income for this month (for whatever reason my CD and my MM posts around the 25th of the month) and I noticed my GMAC bank account (most my savings) upped their interest rate 0.10%. Wooohoo!

Virtual bank - remains the same. Good thing all I have is dh's PS3 money in there - about $200. Wink

I just drained my short-term savings for property taxes. The account sits at about 0. Since I just moved around my bank accounts and GMAC is getting 5.10%, I think I will build up my short-term savings in there. I can't even remember where I had my ST savings before - LOL. Probably VB. I think I was intending to keep it there,and use GMAC for LT savings, but the interest rates are getting too good everywhere but VB... Just means more bookkeeping to keep it all straight. Oh well.

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