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Pizza out my ears! & stupid time change!

March 11th, 2007 at 10:28 am

Okay, there is no one who loves daylight savings more than me and I have to say I Am thrilled it is prolonged this year. For me it means I can work a long day, come home, and still have a nice walk to the park with the kids. Before the weather is not hotter than hades - LOL. & even in the summer means after work I have time to change and get everyone ready and we spend the evening at the pool. So I likey.

But this whole time change thing - what a MESS!!!! Our work computers are all screwed up - our appointments are all showing up an hour off. Talk about confusing. Oh it has been fixed with some software patch. But this morning I came down and the VCR time hadn't changed like it usually does. I looked at it and thought, well the thing is about 15 years old. It certainly doesn't know daylight savings time has shifted - LOL. We couldn't even find the remote control to change the time. I guess time is the only purpose of this VCR. But it is driving me batty. Told dh just to unplug the dang thing for a few weeks.

& then the worst is TIVO. What are they smoking over there? Dh said they usually change the time, but decided to instead change the schedule (just like our calendar at work). So now everything that was set up as a manual recording based on time and day is all off 1 hour. Which is a lot. Um, so why are all these companies screwing with everything, why don't they just change the TIME? I am sure there is some reason, but gosh it is really aggravating. Dh said he will call and complain. Not sure if it will matter. So we have to rest everything now and reset it again in a few weeks? & then do this exercise in the fall again??????? YIKES! & I am still not really sure on the logic behind this all.

Plus, can we really afford to lose 1 hour during tax season??? LOL. Not really!!! It is just pure craziness over here. I am working 7-day-weeks, just unheard of. & now we lose an hour. Yikes!

Anyway, yesterday was interesting. My parents came to visit. I worked until about 3:00 & then met the fam over at my dad's cousin's house. He has a bunch of family over here that I don't know - they are so tight-knit and we are so busy we just never get together with them otherwise - unless the parents initiate it. But very very nice family. So we went to show off the kids and hang. But dh was quite smart. I hadn't really thought far ahead and he had a grand plan to save gas. We were going to take 3 cars over there which would have been ridiculous. So dh tells me to take his car to work, and he can drive them in the van. Then he can come by my work and switch cars so I can go pick them up afterwards - they had a birthday party to go to. It worked out rather well, I was just smack dab in the middle at work and we cut it down to 1.5-2 cars from 3 I guess. LOL.

So dh and BM went to this birthday party at our neighbors' and afterwards he calls me to say that he got some pizza. I Am thinking it can't be near enough - we were going to order some - I am sure my parents would treat. & I keep asking if it is enough and he is very vague, oh I think it will be. He is aggravating me, but whatever, we can order more. So when we finally get home he has like a lifetime supply of pizza or something - OMG! LOL. He said it was only about 1/4 of what had remained and the pizza box did not even fit through the door - LOL. Had to turn it on its side to fit or something. Too funny!

We had plenty of pizza - I guess he was teasing me. We have TOO MUCH pizza. I guess they tried "Rico's" or something like that and they did not believe when they said a pizza feeds 12. So that is my advice to you - when Ricos says 1 pizza = 12 people - take their word for it. LOL. For us it worked out cool because we got free pizza and plenty of leftovers.

Dh was also driving me nuts because he tells me today oh yeah some lady was asking all bout me and the kids and knew all our names but he has no idea who. She's mexican BTW. Huh? LOL. I met this one woman by the pool who had the cutest little girl and there was a little love thing between her and BM - 2 summers ago. So I assume it is her but dh dos not even remember if she has a girl or a boy. I am not sure she ever met LM or knew his name though - I Was very pregnant when we met. Then dh says no, there were only 3 girls and he knew their moms. & this lady had been to our house. I am so confused at this point. Whatever, he is such a dork. Some phantom mystery woman who knows me. LOL. I think I know who now but still not too sure. I am just more annoyed because the person I think it is is one he runs into all the time, and she usually notices he hasn't a clue and tells him her name. LOL. So I a m more annoyed it has to be here and he can't remember in the least. she's tan sure, mexican, not in the least. LOL. The funny thing was he told me he ran into someone in the store the other day who was just talking and talking to him and asking about the kids and he had no clue either. Poor guy - hehe.

THe only other stupid thing over here is I slept about 9:30-2:00am and was just WIDE AWAKE. So I got up and just blogged and surfed the web and wasted time. It felt really nice to get a chunk of time. I Went back to bed around 5am as my eyes got heavy. I am an idiot - LOL. Figures the 1 night the kids sleep well I can't sleep. I think my body was so pleased to sleep so well those few hours it just wanted up,. but then it started remembering all the hours I have to make up for - hehe. Well I slept an hour after that and now I have a ton of work to do...

It is s'posed to be in the 80s today and the kids usually sleep until 5:00 (nap) so I am excited that we will have some daylight tonight to enjoy - will help me get through these last few weeks of craziness - to get out and see some sun...

Not much exciting otherwise. Had to run to the store yesterday (a rare occasion) and had to get peanut butter eggs when I Saw them. Candy galore!!

& I just paid $77 to the DMV for dh's car registration. Oh plus $30 or so he paid for smog check. Exciting stuff...

2 Responses to “Pizza out my ears! & stupid time change!”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    The time stuff drives everyone crazy! I hate having to change the time on everything because after all these months I don't remember how to do it on some things.

    As for Dh not asking too many questions and getting info you'll have to be tolerant, We fellas are minimalists when it comes ot details!WinkSmile

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Yeah. & the truth is he is a scraggly guy with a crazy beard and is always carting around kids, the women go gaga over that (him home with the kids) and he stands out whereas all the moms look the same to him. LOL. The ones he doesn't know anyway. All the moms know who he is whether they met him or not probably - so I should cut him some slack... Wink

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