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February 12th, 2007 at 12:32 pm

Not good over here - leaving early from work - sick kids. More doctor appointments and copays, perhaps more daycare. Ugh!!! Mostly though worried about my son. He is going to the doc in a bit, may need IV, just can't keep anything down. Frown Just came on suddenly last night. & I am at work a nervous wreck. Dh does great with the kids, but he really lacks that mommy instinct. No matter who spends the lion share of the time with the kids it is something I have, and something he seems clueless about sometimes. So days like these with a fastly declining child, I do not like to work on days like these. I am going home to watch the little one so dh can take BM to the doc and have all his arms free for the gunk that is pouring out both ends. Hope he doesn't make too much mess in the car - poor guy... I am sure he wouldn't be fond of an IV, but I would feel better... Actually, it remains to be seen, he thought getting blood drawn was fascinating. LOL. I am sure he will be fine, but worried all the same... Well the best part is I wouldn't be there to see any needles. I am a big wuss when it comes to shots and needles on my kids - I just can't handle it - dh is good for that stuff... We made an agreement after I suffered through my eldest's first shots that I would just be too busy to break free from work on those shot days - Frown

Anyway, before I head out I did want to share all the articles I got in my inbox today - interesting stuff. BTW I e-filed yesterday - woohoo!!!!!

Special Section: Your Taxes
Surviving an audit, the IRS deducts deductions, tips on pleasing Uncle Sam
and more.

Five Steps to Hiring a Tax Pro

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