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Spend Update

February 8th, 2007 at 01:56 pm

Just adding the pants per my last post.

Items bought new in 2007:
Nintendo DS accessories (3) (dh)
Packing Tape (for ebay selling)
Bubble envelope (for ebay selling)
Shipping Labels (for ebay selling)
Professional Pants (4)
Professional shirts (8)
Professional Blazer (1)
Professional Skirt (1)
Professional Shoes (3)
Panty hose (ebay)
Knee-his (for work)
Tire Pressure Guage
Toy Bird
Jump Rope (kids)
Dish Towels (4)
Table Clothes (2)

Items bought used in 2007:
Tires for Car (2)
Used books for kids (6)
**Toddler Jeans (growing boy) (4)

**New with Tags!!!

Items free in 2007:
Old cell phones for kids to play with
Toddler's First Library Card!


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