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$75 spent today

February 8th, 2007 at 01:47 pm

Well first - zetta - just had to say your calculator was annoying me. LOL. Actually I Was really excited to see it but it annoyed me so I Decided to do my own. I imagine it will be a project - hehe. But one I will enjoy. I am going to play with the numbers. I don't have much to prepay my mortgage today so I got time to figure it out. I agree with you and I do need something concrete to show me how much better off 1 choice is over another, etc. So I will work on it.

Well today is another $75 down the drain. Dh had a ringing in his ear last night so called the doc last night told him to come in today. $50 copay. To basically see a doctor who said everything was fine and is scheduling him for a hearing test to see if they can narrow down what the prblem could be. It is probably related to his vertigo last month and could just be an infection or virus still. who knows, not much answers.

Since I was going to have to leave work to help wrangle the kids and I was also unable to watch BM today so LM Could go to toddler class, I thought maybe I Would try daycare today. She had an opening so the whole thing ended up $75 for the day - doctor and daycare. At least LM got to go to his toddler class which we already paid for.

Doctor bills, doctor bills, doctor bills. So far we are still coming in miles ahead than if we had paid the super giant premiums on full coverage. We would be paying $25 co-pays on top of that and we would be saving about squat. So far I Am pleased overall with our choice, though the year is young...

Now ask me the last time dh went to the doctor. Gheesh. I am so glad we did not switch to HDHP. I don't think we could have afforded all this... The bills would be sky high every single visit. & this is why - I knew the second we swithced someone would need lots of doctor visits...

I feel really bad for dh though. HE has a constant ringing in his ear and can't hear very well out of it. I hope they can look at it before the weekend.

Forgot to mention, dh mentioned BM's 4T pants were too tight AND too short. Oy vey. The kid is only 3. So I won an ebay auction last night - 4 pairs brand new pants for $20. I'll add it to my list of items purchased this year. I am getting behind on my spending log. I should just keep it on paper since I have had a harder time logging on here - will have to catch up. The only reason I spent so much really was because I was bidding on 2 lots of clothes and I wanted to win both and combine shipping. But I lost - oh well. I could probably find the same at the thrift shop for $15 easy (or on sale even), but I figured I saved time and gas so $20 ain't bad. $8 for the pants - but $12 for the shipping... I am sad I lost the other lot too. I think I could have won but I was too busy trying to win both at once - I should have had dh get on another computer and bit on that one - LOL. Live and learn.

2 Responses to “$75 spent today”

  1. zetta Says:

    I'd love a copy of the spreadsheet when you get your calculator figured out! There's an annoying assumption in the one I told you about -- I won't be figuring out how much extra tax break I got from the interest each year and investing that, it's just money I don't really see at tax time. Another thing the calculator leaves out is that if you do pay off your mortgage early, you can then start an investment equal to your old mortgage payment. Doesn't change the result too much if your loan only finishes 4 years early, but after 15 years it would make a big difference!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I gave up - it is complocated. Maybe in the summer when I have eons of time. I eventually will come up with something... Give me a few months...

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