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More shopping

February 6th, 2007 at 07:43 am

I picked up my son from preschool last night and we went to Kohls to return 1 top that did not fit. I Almost fainted when I walked in because they had cleared out everything I had seen on Sunday and all new merchandise.


He actually settled down long enough for me to try on 1 dress and a few blazers. The dress was okay, but not great, and I am glad I grabbed some varying sizes. Tried 1 size 10 blazer and it fit really well, didn't like the style. So tried a size 12 one, was really nice with the dress and fit like a glove - I loved it. Was wary because it said "dry clean only" (though I usually ignore and it wash everything but wool) and it was a little wrinkly - not sure if I could really iron it. But I figured I would get it and could return it if I found something better in the meantime. Of course black, but fits better than my others. So I Was pleased.

I tried it on when I Got home - with black pants - looked very nice.

Problem - I tried it on over a sheer dress and so over a sweater it was a lot tighter. It fits fine, but no buttoning. But if I lose some inches before March I may be able to button by then. I can get away with it unbuttoned, though it doesn't look nearly as sleek open.

But I will go by Sears and peruse the blazers. I may return this one in the end.

I also found a beautiful almost cashmere-like sweater on sale from $13 from $50 or something. Just gorgeous, and another nice black top. I had pondered returning some of the others, but when I got home and looked I saw all the beautiful clothes I had gotten at $13/pop - I am keeping them. Just too good of deals. I am trying to go for some more quality in my wardrobe - so it lasts.

I am considering returning 1 pair of pants though. We'll see.

So I have a short size 16 blazer that actually fits good but looks dumb with pants, the old size 10 one that fits for whatever reason, but is too shiny of a material to pair with matte pants, and my new size 12 one that I can match with pants for a suit look(woohoo). Oy vey - LOL. If I lose a little weight though they should last a while - on the small side.

In other news I got my GMAC account all set up - woohoo. This will simplify!!!! E-fund alone is going to GMAC. Keeping our allowance money and our short-term savings in Virtual Bank, since rarely tops $2k. & now it is much easier to track all my varying funds, and I Am earning another 0.5% on my e-fund - woohoo!

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