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The Bad About Shopping

February 5th, 2007 at 06:39 am

I think this is why I hate shopping.

When I Was clothes shopping yesterday I perused the purses because my old cheapie is falling apart and needs replacing - has been for a while (as about everything I own - frugal to a detriment - though even moreso just because I hate shopping!).

I then spotted some big purses and was pondering that I really could use one for like a diaper bag. Since I had this really cute fashionable diaper bag from ebay, but the thing is so cheap just worn to shreds even though I rarely use it - just after 2 years. IT is trashed - given up the ghost. Even the 3.5yo who has been potty trained for 6 months, I always take pants and underwear just in case, so I could probably use a bulkier bag for a while for the kids. So I am perusing some of the bigger bags thinking about it when I spotted the wallets. I Won't even tell you how old my wallet is and how thrashed it is - just pathetic.

& so it goes. I already had a list in my head from christmas that I could really use a new backback and a new makeup bag - but I Wanted to pick them out myself - so they are on my list.

My list is getting longer...

I didn't buy anything because I would have been there all day - LOL. I had other stuff to do. But need to go purse shopping another day I guess. I REALLY like the diaper bag I had but I don't know if it is worth $20 on such a crappy product - maybe I will try another brand or style - will peruse ebay I guess.

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