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Challenge Update

February 4th, 2007 at 02:22 pm

$20 challenge:

$769.50 - Balance 2/1

$9.00 - Savings on ebay purchase

$778.50 - Balance 2/4

I decided to do some shopping today. I had set aside $200 to get some nice clothes for work - preferable suits and such - I have been "waiting to lose a few pounds" for about 18 months. Whatever. No quicker way to lose a few pounds than buy a new wardrobe, so it goes.

Anyway, I thought I would peek online real quick for pantyhose - on ebay. I bid before I went shopping. Came back and got 6 pairs brand new for $11 including shipping ($5 for product/$5 shopping). Woohoo. I really don't know where to get a deal - usually go to Marshalls or Ross where you are lucky to find $3/pair so I figured I saved $9 on 6 pairs at the least.

I hit MErvyns and Kohls because Mervyns generally does good in my size and Kohls was having a big sale. I was so super frustrated - I tried on a pile of jeans thinking I could maybe find a pair that really fits. good luck. Fine - I rather hit Marshalls anyway - good for jeans & much cheaper. I did score big on pants - my pants were on sale 1/2 off and they are extra nice because no hemming - since apparently I am so short. But I did get 1 pair for my mom to hem for me too. But I just LOVE this brand and they had a ton in my size. Even better the other style I tried was just a little tighter, but I figured better if I did lose a few pounds - would last a while. my other ones are getting big - or maybe just stretched out since I had 1 pair I loved and would wear every day if I could (at least 3 times a week). So long overdue for a couple of different pairs.

No suits or skirts - just weird. No nice tops even. ???

So I Went to Kohls. Again - no suits or skirts in sight. So frustrating - apparently women don't wear suits anymore. Or skirts for that matter. I can usually get away with a skirt and a nice blazer, but I Would like to wear more than 1 blazer all tax season. Hmmmmm.

Though both stores had huge sales racks 60-90% off, I did not have time to go through. my shopping trip was 4 hours as is with all the endless trying on clothes. BUT Kohls wasn't as overwhelming so I Went through a few racks and found a bunch of very nice professional tops for around $13 each. I didn't try anything on there - only 1 item to return - too tight.

All told I spent $200 - my budget - and no suits or skirts - LOL. I still need to go by Payless or check online for some new shoes as well. But I have another few weeks to go find a blazer. Bah! If nothing else I think I have enough in my closet to get by. I have 2 black blazers, 2 dresses, and a couple of skirt - with mixing and matching I can look like I own more than I do I guess - I generally only see each client once. But for the rest of the year I got some nice quality clothes at a good price - woohoo.

Now let's lose some weight so I Can start all over again - hehe.

I find Marshalls and Goodwill/thrift shops tedious to shop for suits and such - but I may hit them over the next month.

I think my office will be happy I bought some clothes - LOL. Just been lazy since the last baby - thinking I don't want to buy anything and then lose these few pounds.

LAst time I bought this many clothes I immediately got pregnant - lOL. I should have a nice wardrobe then if I lose some weight!

6 Responses to “Challenge Update”

  1. Amber Says:

    I never thought about getting pantyhose from Ebay, thanks for the tip

  2. daylily Says:

    Have you tried Sears? You can find an okay suit there for a decent price. I bought one last month (pants and jacket) on sale for $45.
    They have really improved the women's clothing section in the last five years.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I was going to suggest Sears, too. They usually have skirts and blazers pretty much year round.

    Also, if you send for a Roaman's catalogue, they have a lot of suits or skirts and blazers.

  4. zetta Says:

    I hear you on those pregnancy pounds! I've been really slow about gettig mine off as well, and have another 10 pounds to go. The weight itself isn't nearly annoying as having to buy new pants and shorts every few months. It comes off in small spurts that are too far apart to just stick it out with clothes that don't fit! And isn't it annoying how most of the jeans have gone to the low-rise look?

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Thanks for the tip - I will try Sears - I have $75 bucks this month and a nice suit and a couple of skirts could probably be found for that - I'll keep an eye on the sales papers. I think Sears is one of the only department stores I ever frequent - just haven't been in eons since I don't have much to spend - LOL. Thanks!

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Amber - I have just been looking on ebay before I buy ANYTHING - it's part of my challenge - but I am surprised at what I have found, for so little!!!

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