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Library Card for Toddler, and Latinos pay Cash for College

February 1st, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Had to share this, too cute. My little 3-year-old is quite the reader, he has actually been reading for a long time, and obsession with books since infanthood. It is funny how something like that can be so ingrained from such a young age since the difference between him and the little one is so obviously night and day. The little one is not on the path to pickin up reading in the next year, so be it. THe big one pretty much taught himself. I know no one believes me and imagines I make the kids sit in the corner and read flashcards all day, but that is not the way it is at all. The kid is obsessed with books, and by reading a million books to him every day since he was a baby taught, and encouraging his fascination with the alphabet by teaching him the letters and sounds, reading just came naturally to him. As for Little Monkey, I think we are kind of relieved he gets bored of books a little more easily, since the big one would demand we read hours and hours and hours on end to him. Well he still does, at this age still prefers to be read to, of course. But at this age at least they are a little more interesting to us - LOL.

But the kids' favorite little t.v. show is Calilou, a really sweet cartoon on Public Television about the adventures of a 4yo boy. I understand why BM loves this show, because he can REALLY identify with him - the kids has a little sibling and a cat, and goes to preschool and parallels his life so much. The funny thing is LM is totally obsessed with this show too and I have no idea why. All day long, "Calilou, Calilou, Calilou." Dh said he talks more about Calilou than "mommy" all day though he babbles about us both a lot I guess - LOL. Anyway, Calilou just got his own library card in the last episode they watched and dh and I felt so silly we never thought of that!!!! Today I went to take BM to the libray while LM was at Toddler Class with daddy, as the usual drill. BUT today he got his own library card. He was so excited, got a little "Today I got my first Library Card" sticker, and was really charming all the librarians. IT was cute too because he ran over to the machine to check out a book too, after he got his card, but before he picked a book. Just could not wait. He was extra lucky because when daddy came to get him he grabbed a Bob the Builder DVD for him to check out too so he could show daddy how his new card worked.

& that is how you make a kid's day without paying a dime. Hehe.

& I still feel so dumb for not thinking of that myself! Kudos to Calilou...

In other news found this article rather interesting. (below). Kind of brings on the debate if you should finance school or not. Probably overall there is some middle ground. Article said also 1st-generation college goers tend to pay cash. My father was 1st generation and paid his way by working darn hard. My parents helped me a bit but expected me to work hard too. Financing was never considered an option. & thinking about it I see why. As the first generation in his family to go to college, knew nothing about financing options available, etc. So I think that is an interesting point. HAving made my way through school working hard and owing no debts I think people are too quick to write off working as an option overall, because it interferes with studies. There has nothing that his taught me more or served me better in my life than working so hard and learning how to balance my responsibilities. I worked mostly full-time through college and had all As. Come on, it is not impossible. On the flip side, if you are working to the bone and your studies are REALLY suffering, then sure, of course, take out a loan, do what you need to do. I just think the prevailing attitude to put it off, and off and off and off is not helpful financially. The people I went to college with who ran up the huge debts wanted to live a certain lifestyle. I Was living with roommates and eating Top Ramen, driving my 20-year-old Toyota - the difference night and day with many I Went to school who were so "whoa is me - I have to pay my own way - so I run up tons of debt rather than figure out how to really afford to live." I remember one friend who I actually worked with after school who lost a father and was always high and might he had to run up debt and do it himself, like us 18-year-olds just had mommy and daddy paying our way. Us 18-year-olds would just roll our eyes and humor him - whatever, plenty of us who were barely scraping by but doing what we needed to get out without running debts. Well there goes my college debt rant - LOL.

I think the downside this points out though is an all or nothing approach. I could see with skyrocketing state college costs that my kids will likely need help or a little financing. I Can not imagine them needing 100k for college or anything like that, but a few thousand here and there to help isn't the worst either I am sure. As long as it is taken on with great thought and effort to pay it off quickly. I think that is the problem with the system, people are taking on great debts without even considering if they will really finish their degree, considering they have picked the right degree, etc. IF people took on a cash attitude I think they would at least tread more carefully. I would rather the kids take on small laons and figure it out themselves than finance their college though. From the experiences my family has faced, I Think that would serve them best. But no matter how you slice it with parents to cathc them when they fall and grandparents to spoil them, I don't know how it all will really turn out. Dh had his college completely paid for, was not kicked out of his house at 18, etc. & he turned out okay. I hang on to that hope - I just don't want to spoil my kids. But I don't want them to struggle too much either - is a fine line.

"Most Latino students spurn college loans
Educators fear that a tendency to work their way through school can hurt
them academically."

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