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Bah - Another Flat

January 30th, 2007 at 07:16 am

Yesterday was not fun.

Maybe it was fate but I Was too busy to pick up BM and I worked until 6:30. Unusually late because my office is in such a bad area and I do not generally like to leave after dark.

So dh picked him up around 5 Thank God. Well, around 6:45 I was tooling along the freeway towards the fast lane and I start noticing a noise. Mostly in my subconscious for a minute and then I started thinking, "What is that?" I don't know if flat tires were more at the front of my mind since I just had one!!! But I thought, sounds like I got a flat. Luckily I had past generally the bad area between work and home, and was at an exit I could take to get to my house - just a mile or 2 away. I am not sure if I intended to pull over or go stop at the gas station first (probably) to fill the tire, but I crossed about 4 lanes of traffic to exit and that was about it - tire blew, could barely hobble it off the road.

How could I have the WORST luck to have 2 flat tires in the course of a couple of weeks. & yet I felt so incredibly lucky I had just enough time to get OFF the freeway. I Was talking to my mom later and she was like, if you have to, you can always drive a flat home. LOL. YEah try driving on a rim - was not going to happen.

Anyway, called AAA and they seemed all concerned I Was on the freeway - they would be there lightning speed. YEah whatever. LOL. I Was relieved to see it wasn't the used tire I just bought. Another perfectly beautiful good tire gone. Frustrated because with my recent flat I had checked all the tires, they all were great. In the end we found a giant bolt in the tire, must have run over it on the freeway or before I got on. I Was frustrated because I told dh that I should probably check my tires before I get in the car any more. & yet I was all alone in a bad area leaving at night with hardly any lights, like I could have even checked anyway. I was actually very concerned about a suspicious car hanging around, the last thought was to check tires. I am ALSO super duper frustrated because my last car attracted nails and bolts like a magnet (my cars before - same commute and all - NVER a flat). & this car coming up on a year had served me well. But one day in January, one day I wondered aloud to a co-worker that my van does not have this constant flat problem. & wham - now it does. I obviously did NOT knock on wood. Gah!!!!

Constant flat or no this is the first time I have had a blow out. & this is the 2nd time, in one month, and ever in my life, I have had a tire in shreds, not just a little nail hole. This van is cursed. Bah! I will seriously go back and read reviews on the original tires. Might be worth replacing the other 2 and getting better tires - not sure what the deal is. Or would any tire protect fromt hese bolts I keep running over? - lord knows from where.

Anyway, dh is my hero. I called AAA and chatted on the phone with dh for a while. HE offered to come exhange places with me since I had worked all day, had to pee, was hungry, etc. LOL. I Said no, didn't want the kids on the side of the freeway. But after about 1/2 hour and no tow truck in sight, I Said okay, please just come GET me!!!! LOL. OF course I Watch all that true crime stuff and always the girls alone on the side of the road getting raped and murdered. Either way I just wanted off the freeway.

So he came and rescued me.

I noticed his car needed gas so stopped on the way home.

I swear he got home like 1 minute after me, after my gas stop. Said the tow truck guy braved changing a driver-side tire with all the cars racing past - *shudders* - and he was off pretty quickly. Guess I could have waited 5 more minutes - figures.

Oh well, that is my swell dh. HE is going to go get me another used tire today too.

6 Responses to “Bah - Another Flat”

  1. cam344 Says:

    Sounds like you've got a super DH there!

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I have to add I don't know how anyone in this day and age does not have a cell. Our primary reason to have them is for this purpose. I was there about 45-minutes no one pulled over to help, anything. About a million cars passed. Everyone assumes you have a cell phone I guess.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Sorry for your bad luck. I don't have a cell phone, but there is a reason that my tires cost so much. They cannot go flat. That is why there is no spare in a vette.

  4. JanH Says:

    We have a road hazard insurance on our tires when we buy new ones. I think it is a cost per new tire. They replace the tires for basically free if they are ruined. It has paid for itself with us because we go through the tires. Especially after the hurricane, so much debris was metal. I think the only thing they don't cover is worn out tires, but we cheer if we get a tire to go that far! Glad you were okay!

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Well then I just need to go get a vette now, huh?

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    The way your story was going I thought you were going to pull into the gas station and see that the other car now had a flat tire! Glad it did not.

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