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AAA - got my money's worth in 12 hours - more car crap

January 30th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

I just had to say I am feeling really frustrated today because we make it a point to keep up our cars and keep on top of things. BUT today we were stranded with no cars. NO CARS. What the hell? LOL.

Anyway, about 12 hours after AAA rescued my car last night, I am ready for work and hop in dh's car. Since he is going to replace my tire today. Back out the driveway and the breaks abosultely do not work. Anyway, having had break probs in the past, I know full and well the emergency break is my friend. I pumped the breaks and tried again, and thought, hmmmm, something is just not right here. So I go inside and tell dh I am apparently not going to work until the tire place opens. Ah, but it is open he says. Phew, Anyway, he was all annoyed with me though since I drove his car last night. What did *I* do to his car anyway??? LOL. HE goes out and tried the brakes and says they are fine - like he doesn't believe me. I told him to be my guest and drive around the block - with emergency break in hand please - gah. He didn't want to call for a tow. Such a doofus. Well yeah I pumped the breaks and they might feel semi-okay, but the guy is clueless. Seriously. It was then and there I figured it was probably fate or the powers that be that gave me a flat tire so that I would drive his car and realize immediately something is wrong. I think they felt just fine last night, but I don't drive the car every day, I don't know. & dh soesn't see what is wrong - oy vey.

As usual I feel lucky that I find out in the driveway rather than the freeway, which I have lost brakes ont he freeway twice - Not Fun!

So dh went off to get me a new used tire since I felt work was too far to drive on the donut, and apprently it is in great demand, don't want to wear it out - hehe. Would be quite a detour to avoid the freeway anyway.

I called AAA and they got there in about 15 minutes. I literally said, eh, just come pick it up anytime. They get there in 15 minutes. Versus my priority on the side of the freeway taking 1 hour. Figures.

It took the guy 3 hours to deliver the car 5 miles away- - ??? They haven't looked at it yet, just got it. Dh is still iffy but he will see when we get the bill - LOL.

I was feeling really good about the budget this month. Now I am just annoyed. I don't know. Dependswhat the damage is. The tires were no biggie, but new breaks or whatever - blech. Push our emergencies to the realm of $500 this month. Oh yeah we have plenty of cash, but I was just looking to saving a lot more this month. Oh well. I hope this is not a sign of 2007 to come.

Oh yeah, dh got a really sweet tire for $25. USed again. I asked him why $25 when the last one was $30? He said he didn't know - didn't notice. Maybe they felt bad for him since he was just there - LOL. It was a really nice tire, better than the last - even weirder that it was cheaper. Oh well.

Hey in other news I booked our dentist appointments back home (still have not found a decent/honest dentist around here) on a saturday in Feb. & BM gets his first checkup. We'll see how it goes...

I also got the broker's 1099 woohoo - gonna get some real idea of where we stand for 2006. Last I checked we were getting money back - maybe $100 net. Beats owing - woohoo. It had our huge tax loss which I expected, and the dividends were about $20 so overall I Am pleased - probably better off than I thought. Well I'll go crunch and let you all know. Wink

1 Responses to “AAA - got my money's worth in 12 hours - more car crap”

  1. JanH Says:

    Once I told Hubby that the brakes on my car were funky. He couldn't feel it. We took it to the brake people and they pulled off a tire. The brakes were fine they said. I told them to take off the right front tire. They and Hubby looked skeptical but did it. The brakes on that one tire were destroyed. The same thing happened with the clutch once. Hubby has decided to listen to me when I tell him something doesn't feel right. Then again, I should have listened to him when he told me my battery was dying. It died on me out of town. But I'm still a couple up on him with brakes, clutch, tires, etc. Sorry you are having so much trouble with your cars, but it is a great thing that you caught the brakes at home!

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