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Spend Update

January 29th, 2007 at 02:04 pm

Jan. 30 - $25.00 Another Tire
Jan. 29 - $22.00 Gas
Week 4 total: $140.00
Week 3 total: $330.48
Week 2 total: $278.05
Week 1 total: $374.24

**5 no spend days**

Items bought new in 2007:
Nintendo DS accessories (2) (dh)
Packing Tape (for ebay selling)
Bubble envelope (for ebay selling)
Shipping Labels (for ebay selling)
Tire Pressure Guage
Toy Bird
Professional Pants (5)
Professional shirts (7)
Professional Blazer
Knee-his (for work)
Panty hose (ebay)

Items bought used in 2007:
Tires for Car (2)
Used books for kids (6)

Items free in 2007:
Old cell phones for kids to play with
Toddler's First Library Card!


Ah, no no-spend days this weekend because I asked dh grabbed to grab some salmon at the store for my salmon patty craving - saturday. YEsterday I Was in quite a mood and was REALLY craving sweets - sent dh for ice cream. So $30 between sat & sun - he stocked up on milk and yogurt as well, maybe other things.

I think beyond stressed I Was also exhausted. I love to take naps on the weekends and got a lovely 2-hour nap Sunday. Then I could not keep my eyes open past 8:00 and slept like an absolute log - hardly stirring all night. It was nice. No wonder I Was in such a funk - exhaustion I guess. BAby has been sleeping rather well too - we both took an hour or so on the floor one night and since then he will wake up, cry for 5 minutes, and go back to sleep. HE is a drooling fool so no doubt teething or something. But just those nasty molars left, might be a LONG few months, but at least he has not been up EVERY night.

Oh well, today is not the frugalest of days. BM has to be picked up from preschool by 5, over by my work (sort of) a good 20 minutes from home. I am working on cranking out my last set of W-2s. Phew!!!! But asked dh to pick up BM. There is not way I will be done at 4:45. So a lot of wasted gas today. THere will be a lot more days like this in the spring months. Offset by lots of overtime pay I guess...

I don't like to do things last minute but if I think about it, it is truly a miracle I am not further behind considering I Was IT specialist week 1 of January and dh was out of commission about a whole week, week 2. So I have had 2 weeks about to do a month's work. Hopefully I will be all caught up tomorrow and no more Sundays working. But I wouldn't count on it. Just stuff piling up that I didn't have time to do this month, and then the tax appointments start - I have one this week and one next week already. Oy vey.

I am still waiting on my 1099s and stuff but I Want to file for my refund already - LOL.

In the meantime I may be almost done with my client's W-2s, but I have a big pile of 1099s to work on too. Hopefully those will ALL be out of my hair Jan. 31. Almost there!!!! All this stuff makes January about the worst time of year for us. December is pretty bad, so is JAnuary. I am sure I will saying Feb & March are the WORST too when my days are filled with tax returns, and no time to do our regular accounting. & then April is really really really bad because we are so behind AND we have April 15th as well as April 30th quarterly payroll filings. So yeah, I will be saying every month is the worst until May. & then I will say I will have so much time to catch up. But then someone will quit or go on maternity leave or something. LOL. I just notice with time I get gradually more and more busy, even during "slow" months. I've tried to resist too much work and responsibility, but there is only so much you can do - I think with my longevity I am a little too heavily relied on. Feel like the place would fall apart without me lately. We need a new manager. That is what we really need. I think this comes at a good time though. Concerned about money, a little more willing to take on more and work more. I still have it pretty good overall. Lots of flexibility.

That reminds me, I keep trying to think of other ways to make money. I just remembered my boss offered a bonus for us to recruit people. I don't remember how much, a couple thousand perhaps. You will appreciate this though. What was SO crazy at my first CPA firm job was there was a huge shortage of staff from 2-5 years or so experience. The reason, well they paid crap and worked you to death, but you had to do CPA firm audits to get your license - for 2 years. Anyone who stayed longer was on partner track pretty much. OTherwise there would be NO Reason to stay really. At my first job I Was making about $30k/year and they offered us a $10k bonus to recruit someone in the 2-5 year range. $10k. You know how many people got that bonus? 0. Was impossible. Just impossible!!! Of course whenever I got together with my college friends we would spend the whole time trying to recruit each other, each with dollar signs in our eyes - LOL. No way no how.

Anyway, well, I will keep it in front of mind for once things settle down after April. I Will have to really think hard and see if I can find anyone. LOL. IT's pretty much an impossible task, but wouldn't hurt to try I guess. Today there is no 2-year audit rule so basically it is impossible to find anyone, experience or not. I think as long as I work here I won't get worked to death at least. So far it's been okay. But you know if one more person leaves, I don't know. I might even ask my boss if his reward applies to new-college grads. IF so I wouldn't mind getting involved in college recruitment. We got to spur some interest in our little firm. Something to think about when it is not so BUSY.

3 Responses to “Spend Update”

  1. JanH Says:

    I remember the crunch time! I was the one who typed up the returns and copied and assembled everything (this was before computers) and typed up all the reports. I had to also run the numbers on the fronts and backs of nonschedule pages to make sure the numbers added up because we were so exhausted and bleary eyed. If I remember correctly, March was the deadline for business returns and April for personal ones. I don't know if that is still the case. We worked long days, at least 6 days a week, and made a lot of overtime! Since I was the secretary, everyone else took off the 16th and I got any other day of the year off. I took the friday so I got a three day weekend! You'd think I would be good with budgets and stuff wouldn't you? But my illness really got in the way of doing things right. I'm now relearning. Take care of yourself for these next months!

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    Now wouldn't you think management could figure out that the bonus money would be better spent on decent pay? Sheeesh.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Yes - Jan - March 15 is the other big deadline I hadn't really thought about yet. YEah - thanks for the reminder - LOL. More to stress about. Then extensions are 9/15 for corporate, 10/15 for individuals. Then November is non-profits. Then December we do lots of last minute planning, etc. Never ends! BUT we have a little of everything which does keep us busy year-round. We extend most our corps but that still takes work because still have to pay the tax in march and figure what it is.

    Carolina Bound - well it is not so simple. People used to compete for the $30k jobs because the experience was invaluable, and was critical to get a CPA license. Starting pay at CPA firms has gone from $30k in 1999 to $60k+ in 2006. I always say I get paid just well enough to make a little more than the new grads. but it is a period of adjustment, suddenly my bosses operating costs about doubled since salaries are the main cost. Over time accountants will start charging a lot more, will pay even better, it will even out. For now I think the price tags on employees who used to settle for little, it is a shock to the industry. But the change the CPA licensing and the CPA firms have completely lost their edge. They are still good for a year or2 of experience. But otherwise, eh. The shortage of qualified people does not help the workload no matter how well they pay. Which makes them more and more attractive. When the old license rules were in place I often worked 80 hours/week. I only hear it is worse. But pay is a lot better too.

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