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Spend Update

January 27th, 2007 at 08:13 am

Jan. 26 - $38.00 Gas
Jan. 25 - $00.00
Jan. 24 - $68.00 burger/groceries/books
Jan. 23 - $ 3.76 pizza
Jan. 22 - $00.00
Week 3 total: $330.48
Week 2 total: $278.05
Week 1 total: $374.24

**5 no spend days**

Items bought new in 2007:
Nintendo DS accessories (2) (dh)
Packing Tape (for ebay selling)
Bubble envelope (for ebay selling)
Shipping Labels (for ebay selling)
Knee-his (for work)
Toy Bird

Items bought used in 2007:
Tire for Car
Used books for kids (6)

Items free in 2007:
Old cell phones for kids to play with


Phew, now this is a "normal" week - nice to settle down after craziness of last couple of weeks - what a low spend week...

Got gas last night - around $2.34/gallon - cheapest I have seen in ages - phew. Ah, gotta love Cali - did I ever mention EVERYTHING costs more here? Wink

Well it has its perks, that's why people are just crazy enought to live here - hehe.

2 Responses to “Spend Update”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'd love to see $2.34. I did 14 gallons today at $2.55 per. WA still has CA beat on that, darn 33 cent per gallon gas tax, grumble, grumble. Though its still cheaper to live here, even in Seattle.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Oh wow - I didn't realize. Do you have only full-service gas there? Or was that ORegon? Wherever it was I hated driving up there and having other people pump my gas - LOL. Just wondering if that is why it costs more - thought that was Oregon though. Taxes taxes taxes, eh?

    I had no idea. I was just reading other blogs/posts about $1.90 gas and I Was thinking chalk up one more for being expensive. Just something I hadn't been thinking of as paying more than average. Add that one to daycare and housing and groceries...

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