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No Spend Day

January 26th, 2007 at 09:54 am

Jan. 25 - $00.00
Jan. 24 - $68.00 burger/groceries/books
Jan. 23 - $ 3.76 pizza
Jan. 22 - $00.00
Week 3 total: $330.48
Week 2 total: $278.05
Week 1 total: $374.24

**5 no spend days**

Items bought new in 2007:
Nintendo DS accessories (2) (dh)
Packing Tape (for ebay selling)
Bubble envelope (for ebay selling)
Shipping Labels (for ebay selling)
Knee-his (for work)
Toy Bird

Items bought used in 2007:
Tire for Car
Used books for kids (6)

Items free in 2007:
Old cell phones for kids to play with


With all the craziness this month it looks like we will make our overall "budget" of $1200 on the credit card. If nothing else comes up anyway - we are so right on with all the expected expenses. & we had a GREAT month. This is AMAZING.

I budget my credit card 2 ways - 1 - if it is $1200 I should have the cash easy for it. (This is worst case - assuming a big utility month and less money overall - which it is this month). Second, we budget our categories. Our actual budget leaves more than $1200 on the credit card, but on an annsual basis we should have the money - since I do the budget annually. Maybe a little short one month, over the next. Anyway, this month we have spurlged and had a lot of unexpected stuff, but a lot of items on our budget remained untouched, so we might actually hit the $1200 mark. Will be darn close. If it was any other month and not one with a $100 gas heat bill, we might have had extra money for the e-fund. Or more smartly for the slush fund for the future months over $1200. IT is going to be pretty brakeven though. But I think this is a first, if not only since I have been here, but maybe in years.

I have been overall feeling really behind lately and last night I Was thinking about all we are doing and how miles ahead we are from like a year ago. I have to hang on to that positive thought. The better interest rate alone is putting us ahead. The commitment to savings, the slashes to our budget, the re-institution of our allowances, etc., etc. Each in itself may be small, but all together is huge. Woohoo.

In other news the baby slept absolutely AWFUL last night. BUT I had a plan and it was well executed and even worked. Since he seemed content to have "mommy" or "dad" just in his room, my plan was 2 part. (yes he has just started yelling out "mommy" and "dada" - pulls your heart strings when you are trying to get him to go back to sleep on his own). So dh had had about 2-3 hours sleep the night before, me 5. HE clearly got the night off. So I Went to bed around 8 or 9. Baby woke up 12:30, at that point I had had enough sleep to function for today - phew. Stage 1 of plan well executed. I go in his room and laid on the floor and it WORKED. (I have tried in the past - but no). HE was driving me NUTS because he would be snoring but if I so much as moved an inch his head shot up - LOL. So he has been lately. IF I was super exhausted I could have just slept there - not comfortable, bad on the back, but I had my pillow and blanket - I could have. But was feeling well rested to just laid there. The only part I Was not prepared for was to hear twinkle twinkle little star about 50 times. I Was starting to go a little insane - LOL. The music soothes him though. I finally escaped when he conked out for good. I went downstairs to wait it out and make sure he was really out. It was 2:00 - 1.5 hours I had laid there listening to that damm aquarium - LOL. I turned on the t.v. and turned up the monitor really loud so I could be sure to hear him - losing his voice from all the yelling and screaming for the last few nights. Then BM got up and started making all sort of racket. Dh and him were talking - I am just freaking out - I thought I was in the free and clear. But no - BM wet his bed. So anyway, the same EXACT Thing happ-ened the night before. Both times LM was OUT like a log. & I told dh at least BM got up right then because any sooner or later would have just been the worst. We were already awake and it did not disturb LM, so PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know he is only 3 but he usually stays dry so we just let him sleep in his underwear. At this point he would absolutely refuse a diaper anyway. I think it has something to do with LM disturbing his sleep - I don't know. We decided no more milk at bed time for him - he should be old enough to handle it - should probably be weaning him from night time milk anyway.

Anyway, I fell asleep around 3:00 and got up around 7 well rested today. LAst night wasn't so bad. I see some floor sleeping in my future, so be it. LOL.

I don't have any real time for me or to do anything around the house except after 9pm or more likely at 5am when I usually get up and have time to do my own thing. This part will suck, but as long as I can get some sleep, I guess I will survive.

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