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$57 for challenge

January 26th, 2007 at 09:28 am

$20 challenge:

$685 - Balance 1/15

$31.71 - added to mortgage
$24.94 - Interest on c.d.

$741.65 - Balance 1/26

On top of that I just got the new Cookie Lee catalog and I already made $70 or so on 1 order. Woohoo. Not adding to the challenge because this is nothing new. BUT I am strongly considering adding the profit to the e-fund. I usually spend it on jewelry. Who knows if I have the will - hehe. The new catalog is GREAT. Problem is when I like it no one else does and that is always bad because I want to buy much more than I can sell. But selling over $150 on 1st day out is probably promising - hehe. Oh well, I pretty much can vow not to buy more until I dig out my jewelry from storage anyway. I can not find ANYTHING in our house, much less jewlery - we threw it all in boxes when our house was up briefly in July. Time to look through some boxes... The more I wear, the more I sell, the more I buy. Most effectively I should probably set a % to save and % used to buy more. Hmmmm... I'll think on that - would work best.

The mortgage - ah. I had a brilliant idea. This month I got a $35 auto reimbursement from work (pretty rare overall) and I also left $50/month cushion in my raise. NO doubt it will get spent - LOL. So I decided something simple I could do to the fill the void of not paying anything extra on the mortgage, was I could round up and pay $1350 instead of $1318. The difference is $31.71 to be exact. When the car is paid off I Was going to save $200/month as well. The payment is $215. I will add the $15, or maybe make it an even $20 once the loan is paid. That alone shaves 2 years off the mortgage. & that is the best I can do until our retirement is FULLY funded. Only then will I get more aggressive. At least in the meantime I can make progress...

Also made about $25 on my c.d. at 5.4% that used to get 0.2% or something. Woohoo.

In other news looks like out grocery bill (including a lot of non-food items)will be in the $400-$430 range this month. OMG that is so amazing, it usually runs $500-$600. All our effort is paying off over time, we have stocked up on a lot (thus the more $600 bills) but going forward this is just incredible. It included a lot of extras at that - woohoo. Big thing of diapers (LM is too sensitive for clothe at night). Pizza for fiends over, etc. Just about $400. Oh well, will try not to get too excited - another week left - anything can happen...

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