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Make Your Own Luck

January 25th, 2007 at 11:57 am


Not much time today so leaving another imspirational post. A comment on my last post reminded me of this article. I found the whole thing quite fascinating.

I know too many people who say "I can't" so they are always miserable. & the ones who say "I can" have done some amazing things. This article digs deeper about how something as simple as your attitude can change your life.

I think the subject of luck has come up time and time again in the forums as well. I guess it is timely with some of the jealousy issues as well. It kind of goes hand in hand if you are always worried about everyone else and that is your measure, how will you ever truly be happy? Start worrying less about everyone else and more about yourself. The results in your life can be huge. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and go make your own luck!

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