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Writing a Script

January 21st, 2007 at 11:42 am

I am so wound up with work I almost totally forgot. I might be writing a movie script!!!!!

Dh had our date night and had a long talk. He is wrapping up this last movie, a friend of his wrote and produced. He has another friend who writes scripts. HE has been trying to get them to write a script for him. Dh has many wonderful ideas (very creative) & they seem to like his ideas, think he has something to work with. BUT of course they are too busy with their own stuff and their own writing to write a script for him.

So I might just be crazy and said why don't *I* write it? I love writing but I Am lost on inspiration. Actually I am more of a technical/essay writer. I am not sure if screenplay would be my speed at all!!! But I wouldn't know unless I try! Dh has plenty of inspiration and ideas, just not the patience to write it all down and get mired in the details. So I don't know if this is crazy or will even work, but I think we'll give it a try.

I told dh there was no way I could even consider it during tax season, but we can get started in May. I also felt better because digging deeper he said both his friends had encouraged him for a rough draft or a start. I think they will be better at the nuances and the final tweaking, but I Can at least help him get a start. But we decided to maybe get some books on screenwriting and try to formulate a plan for May. We decided we would probably need to stick to a schedule, which will be hard, but the only way it will ever get accomplished. Set aside some time. He actually told me too he had already downloaded some free screenplay software which helps you organize ideas, develop characters, etc., so I guess I will start playing with it.

Oh well, wish me luck. We have joked about this in the past and frankly he is all into wild out there stuff I am not sure I can really get behind. I know his one idea is about zombies (lovely) and the other one about a guy with a detached head or something - LOL. I forget - something to do with a head. But oh well. I rather write about cute little kittens and cotton candy - LOL. Or finance. Wink But I will try to dig into dh's head and see what I Can come up with. I think this is the only way his movies will ever make it to the next step - he has got to come up with some kind of script!

All in all it is kind of exciting - because he has the crew now to help him get a movie made if he had the will to push it to the next level. I remember thinking him making a movie was just some distant fantasy that would never be realized. But it is really exciting seeing it come closer to fruition. Of course now it all depends on me huh. We'll see if we can pull it together. Sounds pretty overwhelming I guess... A whole movie script, huh? I'll try.

2 Responses to “Writing a Script”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good luck!!

  2. frugalmomof1 Says:

    That sounds great!! Good Luck!!

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