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January 20th, 2007 at 10:32 am

MIL was coming up to watch kids today and just called and said they were having sewage issues at their cabin (ick) and so wanted to pick up the kids and drive up (it is 1 hour from us - 3 hours from them), and keep them overnight!!!! Woohoo. (Though we are thinking good luck finding a plumber after this freeze and all!).

The little one might get to see snow for the first time and we might miss it but oh well. I REFUSED to let them take Big Monkey to the snow without me - made them wait until after tax season - May 2004 - still lots of snow luckily - LOL. Now I am like - whatever. Sad how we do that to the younger ones. IT isn't as pressing to me any more to be there. We were pondering with the freeze there must have been snow up there, but maybe not without much rain and storms overall. But they probably won't have to drive far to find it - if nothing else the cold must have kept any prior snow from melting...

This is the beauty of where we live - 1 hour drive from wilderness, from snow-capped mountains, or an hour the other way for a good beach. Or 1 hour from the BIG city. 'Tis the life!

I still plan to work a good chunk today and a bit tomorrow before the kids come home. But that's fine. Frankly we usually don't know what to do with ourselves with all the peace and quiet and no responsibility - hehe. I will still find hours and hours to enjoy with dh and relax a little!

In other woohoo news - dh's movie is set to premier locally in March!!!!! Dh also was invited to a volunteer dinner in February (volunteers at the public television station - used to run cameras - now they are more strict and he just does teleprompting primarily). I found out recently Big Monkey's daycare will do night sitting on occassion (Week nights, they donate the money to a family in Africa). So we will have to save pennies for that. You don't know how nice it will be to drop off the kids somewhere safe, not family, and not have to owe the favor back - LOL. We haven't talked price yet, I am sure it is reasonable, we may have to take out of our allowances though - the only way I Really see swinging it. We'll see I guess. We have our family for the weekends (they live 2 hours away), so works out I guess.

But yes, movie premiere. I think 2 things. 1 - dh does not expect a lot from this movie. BUT 2 - he thinks they learned a lot and there is a lot of potenital there. Already planning to shoot the 2nd one later this year. I just pray we can work it out this year without paying a lot of childcare. It is something to consider. If he can put his all into a movie and make something of it, it may be worth it, we'd have the money. I just don't know if this is something worthy to sink money in for now - probably better sent to savings at the least. THe last movie he helped substantially without paying a dime for childcare. Hopefully this year we can work it out. The following year will be less of an issue with only 1 kid in preschool (which I already pay now) and 1 in kindergarten not needing care a few hours every day. We'll see I guess.

On the flip side he just went to a red carpet premiere for a movie that sold and he said it was aWFUL. & the rumor was they got paid $400k for the NEXT movie. So they are trying to sell theirs and get funding for the next one. We'll see I guess. Send good vibes for their movie! The premiere is just the first step. THey are going to work on selling it or getting it in some festivals I guess (with the end goal to sell it!!!). After seeing the kind of crap that sold well he is feeling more optimisitic I guess!

I am not holding my breath on this particular movie, but I Am pleased with the opportunities that are presenting themselves as a result of the work he has done and the contacts he has made. One day I hope this hobby pays money. That would be about the best thing I can imagine. When childcare is no longer an issue it looks it will. For now has been restricted him for a bit. But everyone is getting paid gigs and keeping him in mind - so that is good!!!! Even if he doesn't make it big if one of his contacts does - it could be big for him. Frankly I just want a little retirement money is all though - doesn't have to be much!

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