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Spend Update

January 20th, 2007 at 10:06 am

Jan. 19 - $ 19.39 Knee-his/present for dh
Jan. 18 - $ 52.00 Lunch/library fine/Groceries
Jan. 17 - $ 00.00
Jan. 16 - $ 37.00 Gas
Jan. 15 - $115.00 Replace Tire & Groceries
Week 2 total: $278.05
Week 1 total: $374.24

**3 no spend days**

Items bought new in 2007:
Nintendo DS accessories (2) (dh)
Packing Tape (for ebay selling)
Bubble envelope (for ebay selling)
Shipping Labels (for ebay selling)
Knee-his (for work)
Toy Bird

Items bought used in 2007:
Tire for Car


Yesterday could have been an easy no-spend day. But I was feeling bad about dh's birthday. Yeah sure we are doing dinner and a movie tonight. But I was annoyed at my non-creativity and wanted to get him a little something. So Big Monkey and I stopped by the store on the way home last night.

We picked out some jelly beans ($1.99 for the generic brand vs. $3.00+ for jelly belly), a little toy bird for $0.99, and a pinwheel for 17 cents). So we had a few small tokens I am sure he appreciated. I told Big Monkey how when dh and I first moved in we had we didn't have grass or trees or anything in the yard but dirt. So we put this large pinwheel in the middle of the yard, enjoyed just watching it spin in the wind (the wind can get pretty crazy). So I thought the pinwheel, though a much smaller version, was a little nostalgic, and maybe we could put it in the yard and let the Little Monkeys enjoy too. For 17 cents, what the heck - hehe.

I also bought a year supply about of knee-his for $10. Noticed while we were there and figured about time. Probably something I Could have waited for a bigger sale. But I threw out about 5-10 pairs with holes these last months - LOL. Probably time. Finally while I Was there I noticed a digital tire pressure gage - on sale from $20 to $5. Not sure how accurate it really is but picked it up. I have a really nice guage but with 2 cars it would be nice to have 2. I'll have to compare the 2 and see how the digital one really works. We'll see. Gave that one to dh too - LOL. He really could use it in his car. so goes $10 well needed to be spent and $10 just to feel like we got something for dh. I was not as creative as his 30 pictures and 30 treats and all, but oh well. I was also tempted to buy him a pie. I might. I notice I tend to spoil him - I really do. I guess that is a good thing. Like really finner and movies isn't plenty. But the pies are like $7 or $8 - MArie Callendars - for a DIVINE pie. I might just pick one up on the way home. (I wouldn't have a clue how to make a pie, nor the time, so convenience wins - hehe).

This week I Am probably working 7 days. Everyone sounds so sad like this is the worst thing ever (just clients and friends I talk to). Don't worry about me - I get to play with other people's money all day - I like it - LOL. Actually the truth is I have had a really hard time getting more than 8-hour days in during the week. WIthout feeling like I am neglecting my family, and myself too. I have been tending to work a few hours on saturday then (maybe 6-7) and then 2-3 hours from home Sunday. It is not a biggie - takes little time from my family sunday. Or saturday really. I rather have more time suring the week. So everyone feels really sorry for me and I am happy.

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