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Cell Phone

January 20th, 2007 at 11:53 am

I heard I could get a verizon discount both through Cookie Lee & through my Professional Society.

so I checked out both.

Our plan is so old and cheap that the discounts will not apply - bummer.

But I discussed it with dh. For another $10/month (this is with discount) we could get 700 peak minutes vs. 300. BUT we would lose out grandfathered off-peak after 8pm (Would switch to 9pm).

We decided since our primary reason for cell phones was emergency and free long distance on nights and weekends, that it would not make any sense to switch. Our budget is too tight for the unnecessary extra $10/month regardless of the peak/off-peak time.

I did tell dh that I just realized our contracts expire soon and maybe we should shop around again. He was not very game. I think we realized that Verizon is the best for us (last time we shopped around in 2005) and that no new plan will ever compare to our old one because it is just so old. It serves its purpose fine. & if we use it for its purpose it more than suffices!

Also to drop the land line and get sufficient minutes, it would cost more in the end. Just doesn't make any sense.

Oh well, I tried.

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