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December 18th, 2006 at 11:55 am

I spoke too soon!!!

It was quite warm the last few days and on Friday my coworker who lives up in the hills left around 4:30pm saying something about snow. ??? So I Walk outside at 5:00 and was blown away by the chill in the air - my word!!!!

It went from warm to freezing in the matter of hours it seems. 26 degrees this morning - probably a record for COLD!

Which reminds me, we were pelted by hail Saturday night which was quite fun. Mind you the biggest hail we get around here is maybe the size of a grain of rice. But this is pretty exciting stuff to us.

I am feeling way caught-up here at work and very relieved. Enough so I am going to the dollar store at lunch. I decided to maybe get some cards for the people I never talk to much and because I have a pile of professional pics of the kids I have no idea what to do with. I don't think I ever have paid a dime for professional pics, overall a waste since I take some pretty nice pics and we have nice equipment. My dad hands me down photo paper ALL the time. But grandma loves the professional pics and is so dissapointed we don't go through the effort she takes the kids often and leaves me with piles of useless pictures. I admit when they were babies I took a lot and the professional pics were silly. But getting them to sit still is quite a task these days and I Don't get to it so much. But I would try before shelling out the bucks. At the least order 1 big print and we could scan and print whatever our heart desired. IT amazes me those places can stay in business with the affordability and ease of technology today... But I digress, I figured I would get some cheap cards and send them out - in my effort to de-clutter and retain some christmas cheer to those I never speak to but who sent me cards. I figured the Dollar Store would do.

Dh also reminded me we didn't get his grandma anything. 'Tis a long story, but I know I can find her something nice at the Dollar Store too. So I will probably run out and grab a 99 cent item from Taco Bell too, for lunch, and all will be well.

I settled for 2 kinds of cookie to make tonight (both variations on chocolate chip) and plan to make 2 batches each. Start with one tonight and the other tomorrow. My son is so excited since Grandma let him use the mixer yesterday and help her bake a cake. I told him he would be my helper tonight. I have Grandma's "Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe which I can not resist. Has cinnamon and oats in them for a twist, but the cinnamon fills the house with the best smell... But dh found some crisco or something - I forget - in the cupboard and remembered the cookies I had needed to use that for. He said I might as well use it before it went bad - and he LOVED those cookies = like chocolate chip brownie or something. Okay then, just lots of chocolate chips!!! He was cracking me up because he was telling me that was what I used in the other recipe instead of butter, and I am thinking, are you crazy??? My cookies have BUTTER and lots of it. Whatever this crisco crap is - it scares me a little - but he insists they were good. So whatever. So he finally found the recipe we had bought it for ages ago. Don't want good food to go to waste. (If you can classify the stuff as food anyway?). I also have my super easy fudge recipe which I will make too - yum yum. I should post that one - just a few ingredients, takes a few minutes tops, and is the BEST! Pretty much butter, chocolate cocoa, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla. Microwave and stir and chill. Wala! & Oh yes - and don't forget the nuts too...

Yes if you haven't notice I really like CHOCOLATE. Plus grandma will cook us all the other types of cookies - they like to bake for days...

Since things have calmed down a bit I am ambitious in my cookies and delivering them out this week. We'll see!

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