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Saved $150 - & Back to Work...

November 27th, 2006 at 01:27 pm

While everyone is blah, I Feel pretty stellar today. Coming back to work, a job I love anyway, is nice after such a relaxing week. We'll see how the afternoon goes since I think I have taken an afternoon nap almost every day this last week. Ah, no wonder I am so refreshed. I was just thinking it was funny with the talk of when so and so's kid outgrew naps. I am not sure I ever did. Since I can plop down and take a 2-hour nap every afternoon apparently. So yeah, the afternoon may be trying - my body has probably been growing accustomed to 2:00 naps...

I forgot I have seminar tomorrow too - 2007 tax update. YEah, try to stay awake through that - hehe. My dad was asking me something and was chiding me for not knowing capital gains rates off the top of my head. My lord. What people don't understand is the law and everything changes every year. I am pretty much still working on 2005 for most of 2006. & now I have to plan for 2007. There is NO WAY I can keep it all straight. IRA deduction this year - hell if I know - the years all run together. Luckily I have little handy dandy refrences all over my desk. & my bible too - Federal Tax Handbook. Then I don't have to memorize everything by year - geez. Sure, memorize all the retirement maxes for 401k, IRA, pension, etc., + catch-ups for 2005, 2006, 2007 and keep is straight. Not that hard? Try all the other million details that changed from 2005 to 2006 to 2007. At some point you just give up... So we go to seminar once a year just to have it all laid out nice and clear - 2006 & 2007 will be fresh in my head I guess. I can't even remember if this is more of a 2006 or 2007 seminar - LOL. Probably 2006 since 2007 will be a work in progress for a long while yet.

Came to work today and occured to me I hadn't left the house in 5 days!! Wow! Feels weird. & YES I really looked forward to getting out of the house. The kids were driving me a little batty the last couple of days. A few hours in the evening is way better time spent than me spending all day with them. My patience is thin with them - they were both driving me mad. Probably why I am glad to be at work today -phew. I have NO IDEA how dh does it. They are both in a "not listening" stage which doesn't help. Baby was so happy to see so much of me he stuck to me like glue all week, but the last 2 days he would take to getting into trouble, you say no, he laughs. You say no 100 times - he just laughs. Big Monkey hasn't been much better - he is in a stage. Plus I am starting to see it is extra hard with 2 because the baby doesn't get the same treatment - he doesn't get time outs - you can only say no and remove him from the situation. Big Monkey then says, hmmmmm, this isn't fair - why I Do get timeouts and "you know betters" yelled at me all day? So then he acts up more - bah. The other thing is Big Monkey was never really one for temper tantrums. He skipped the terrible 2s pretty much - straight to terrible 3s. PRobably because he could always communicate quite well. Little Monkey is another story - he did a few full-on tantrums this weekend over the silliest little things. Just falling to the ground, pounding fists and flailing. It is AMAZING to me because this behavior is apparently instinct or something. It was not learned. I just kind of roll my eyes and ignore him - wait for him to calm down anyway - so dramatic. It think it is extra strange because he is the quiet one. But then again that is me to the core - I was the quiet one - but I get so stubborn - my mom said I was a temper tantrum child. What goes around comes around I guess. So yeah, today at work is a piece of cake in comparison to the last couple of days.

Oh anyway, we got dh's vasectomy date but it was a Monday in January. Bummer - it would cost $250 in january vs. $100 in December. & Monday would not work. So I gave dh a few dates to try and asked him to call today figureing who knows when he'd get around to it. Well they had a date for Dec. 21 which works out perfect. Woohoo. $100 for a vasectomy - you got yourself a deal! His mom has that week off work, and though it is pretty busy for me, I can sneak off for a day or 2. Especially if I tell my boss why - he will do a dance for joy that I will not be asking for 3-4 months off again in the near future. The last pregnancy did a number on me too - I am still recovering. I Was crying at work a month or 2 back - and my boss is like oh lord - that girl is so sensitive since that last maternity leave. My hormones are still crazed. I think the office will probably celebrate - hehe.

I can hardly think of anything better financially than not to have more kids - hehe. I am not sure if I am so keen to do this now, but overall I know if we are crazy enough to want more kids down the road there is always adoption. Plus frankly, I can still have kids. So my options remain open. I guess if we really wanted to go for the gold I Would get sterilized too. Maybe in a few years.

3 Responses to “Saved $150 - & Back to Work...”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    my DH is also considering a vasectomy, and first thing he said was he wanted to get some of his boys frozen, just in case. plus, vasectomies are frequently reversible...

  2. janH Says:

    I used to put the new pages that came every month into those tax notebooks! Those things were incredibly thin and I'd have to remove the old pages and put the new ones in. And in the whole row of books. I couldn't figure out how the accountants kept track of it all. And during the busy season, those pages just piled up as we worked really long days! I admire you for relearning so much every year!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Kids are always going through a stage. Fortunately not all of them are bad, just seems that way while you're in it. I wanted a lot of kids until I had two and then forget it. Not that I didn't waffle after that for a bit, but now that I physically can't have anymore I mostly don't think about it, though from time to time I'll see a baby and go, hey want one, it passes as soon as I spend some time with my little monst--er, sweethearts, thank goodness! We always figured if we did change our minds at some point there was always foster care or adoption.

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