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Black Friday/65 degrees

November 25th, 2006 at 08:17 am

It's 65 inside today. IT doesn't feel chilly. 63 upstairs. Funny because I flipped on the heat upstairs but came downstairs and am just fine without even socks. I guess we'll see what dh thinks when he wakes up - if we decide to turn on the downstaits heat too. YEsterday I was about to turn into an ice cube - hehe - less of a chill in the air today, overall.

We were thinking of going in on a $150 gift for dh's dad, and he saw it on sale at Fry's yesterday for $57. Since his dad gave us $40 totally unneeded for groceries, I thought that sounded like a great buy - shelling out $17 of our own money for such a nice gift - hehe. Unfortunatley he went closer to noon and it was already sold out. I doubt he would have braved the crowds much sooner, so oh well. Reminds me he bought something at Frys last year on Black Friday, but I forget what... Guess we are BF shoppers after all, I Forgot. Not much luck when you are too scared to leave the house before noon though - hehe.

Nothing much exciting to report. We netted $90 for groceries from the family and he got the other $50 for the guitar yesterday. I made $150 that I haven't collected yet. I made $40 from jewelry sales and $100 rebate from our credit card. Dang, a good month indeed. Plus the $110 preschool refund and not having to shell out $300 for that this month.

All that adds up to about $900 extra, which is promptly being shelled out. I will owe about $350 to the insruance company in increased coverages and $600 to the estate lawyer still. She is in Sydney and back in a few weeks - a last minute thing - so I am not sure when we will get those signed, but nice to have the money to pay the balance.

December should be good though - I expect some overtime, a bonus (small albeit every little bit helps - maybe $200 if I am lucky). I just checked - I got $150 last year but this year is coming up on my 5-year anniversary. Not sure if that will warrant me a bigger bonus??? Well, expect some nice cash gifts too. & since most of christmas is paid for, I plan to stockpile the e-fund. We'll see how it goes.

Ah, yesterday was luxurious. I mostly SLEPT. LOL. Lots of sleep to catch up on. I feel an extremely lazy weekend coming on. The calm before the storm - work will get pretty busy this month.

With so much extra money I told dh I wanted to order a pizza in this weekend and watch a chick flick or something - that is what I am in the mood for. We actually have a free rental coupon.

& I can not believe how fast the Christmas festivities hit!!!!!! My birthday is Friday and I wanted to go to Spaghetti Factory to celebrate. But Friday is the work christmas party & saturday is the moms group christmas party. We decided to go out sunday for lunch then - slightly cheaper than dinner anyway. Anyway, pizza, fancy dinner, parties, and then lunch. IT will be quite an extravagant week for us. Wink

Oh yes - and I got 2 birthday gifts already. A nice sweater and some goopy, smelly shower gel that is promptly going to the regift pile - LOL. But it will be a nice regift so no complaints here. I don't expect much more since dh and I are not shoppping for each other this year. So that probably about does it - I might get some cash from my mom now that I think about it - woohoo.

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