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Annoying stuffed turkeys

November 25th, 2006 at 08:32 am


Just looking at the pile of stuffed talking turkeys reminds me. Why do people buy such USELESS things????? Dh's family is very generous to us so I can't really complain. But then they bring over these silly little things. Every Thanksgiving they bring over a little stuffed turkey that makes funny noises or phrase when you squeeze it. They do the same at Halloween - weird haloween stuff.

I was just looking at the 3 turkeys we now have and asking dh if we were going to have like 10 turkeys in a few years. They are all of a little different size and shape. Did they forget that they brought one last year too? Do they see a gaping need for talking turkeys in our house??? LOL.

Oh I admit I have bought the occasional dancing hamster or something of the sort. But believe me, 1 is plenty - hehe.

Hmm, have we always had spell check on this thing???? Cool...

One more thing - dh's ROTH IRA conversion is complete - FINALLY!!!!!!!! Phew. Ah, why I should be so happy to get such a massive tax bill this year? Oh yeah- because it means dh can make some money next year. I can get a super huge raise too - now that would be nice. Phew. & we did indeed get to take advantage of a low income year for that - woohoo. I was starting to worry it wouldn't get done in time, for this year. So far I Am pretty impressed with Vanguard. I think I popped the form in the mail Tuesday, and all was said and done friday, holiday and all.

1 Responses to “Annoying stuffed turkeys”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    LOL! when i first read the title of this entry, i kinda thought it might be a rant about family/friends/black friday shoppers!

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