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Winter Chill Here

November 24th, 2006 at 08:11 am

I woke up and pulled on my big, warm robe because it felt so chilly. The kids slept until 7am, my word, and I was conked out since about 8pm - I didn't want to get up. I haven't gotten that much sleep in ages, but my body was protesting because after napping all week I didn't get a nap in yesterday with all the festivities. I hope I can get back into the swing and not fall asleep at work in the afternoons - hehe.

Anyway, since it was light already I glanced at the thermostat and it said 63 - oh my goodness!!! Downstairs it said 65 or so - funny how the upstairs has been cooling off faster of late - have no idea why.

Checked the weather and it said current temp was 33. It usually doesn't drop much below 30 around here so I figure it must have been a pretty cold night - brrrrr. I can feel it. Reminds me how it has been unusually warm I guess. It has barely dropped below 67 inside so last night was a bit of a shocker. Hope Big Monkey's new, warm PJs arrive soon! More nights like these and the house will settle around 60 overnight - an 8-degree drop from the day. I am paranoid about babies and blankets but Little Monkey has been sleeping with a nice, thick knitted blanket, even keeping it on all night, so I think we will turn off the heat at night. This is something we haven't done the last few years with the wee little ones around. It is nice that he has graduated to blankets. Though while shopping online the other night I saw some of those blanket sleepers with foot holes. Hadn't seen those before. Oh well, blanket is doing just fine. I know I am extra paranoid and about 18 months he should be able to handle a blanket. Particulalry since it is knit & has holes to breathe through if it gets pulled over his head.

I think it is interesting that overall Black Friday is not a favorite pasttime around here. I Always felt it was overrated. But I am a pretty good shopper I think - hehe. Sure there are the occasional super awesome deals on Black Friday, but to me not worth the hassle and crowds I guess. & risk to life and limb, etc. I get the feeling that many in the frugal crowd agree.

Ah well, now you can laugh at this silly California girl who is gonna freeze her ass off because it dropped to 63 inside the house - hehe. It is funny because we had relatives over yesterday from back home who were saying the weather here isn't that different. Well it isn't really, but back home it never drops below 50 or rises above 80 - very rarely. It is such a shock moving from such a mild climate to where it drops down to 30 regularly overnight AND gets up over 100s in the summer. It is the difference of night and day. Luckily spring and fall are usually pretty mild - more like summer and winter back home. I would not survive anywhere else I am afraid. We talk about moving to ORegon but I know I would probably not last more than few weeks. Brrrr. I know it would costs 10 times as much to make the 2-hour mkove back home. But I do REALLY miss the weather. I guess maybe that is why people are willing to pay 700k for the crappiest fixxer-upper house. It's the weather.

Oh well, not much planned this weekend. Dh said he had some books and DVDs to sell. & I have quite a few large baby things to get up on Craigslist this weekend. So we'll see how much we make on all that. I think we already made $300 extra money this month, so this will just add to it - a good month indeed!

I just read in someone's blog that they didn't intend to go to the mall or shopping between now and Jan. 1. To that I say amen. I don't plan to step foot in a store. I usually don't anyway so it is not too hard. Wink

1 Responses to “Winter Chill Here”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    You could dress the baby in sweat pants and sweat shirt and socks for bedtime until the warmer pajamas come. We did that a lot because the local stores are never on season with their clothes.

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