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Spent $$$$

November 23rd, 2006 at 07:30 am

Ah, I was looking at the budget and everything figuring just one more week and not much going on. A good month!!!

Then dh reminded me that I was going to go shopping to get Big Monkey some warmer pajamas. He just has some cheap ones that are all warped and that I am not happy with. Forget being warm in the least. He reminded me anyway around dinnertime and I hadn't gotten dressed and I didn't feel like going out and the idea of going out shopping at all the next few days sounded like hell on earth if you ask me - LOL. So I decided to pop online and be lazy. I couldn't really find any PJs below $25 - overall is is apparently warm PJ Season. Unfrotunately all the cozy 1-pieces were dire cheap - didn't hardly see one for more than $8, but figured that just doesn't really work since he is fully potty trained at night. Bah. I am not sure if he could get thos off. This is super ironic too because in the past I can never find those 1-piece footed pajamas in bigger than a 1-year-old size. But they were EVERYWHERE. Anyway, as a last resort I did pop by Children't Place Website and saw they were having a pre-Thanksgiving sale - phew. I usually only buy socks and the famous footed PJs there because they are the only places I can really find them at a decent price. So they had a bunch of PJs in the $8-$10 range. I got 2 pairs for Big Monkey, 2 pairs for little monkey (since he didn't have much in the particularly warm variety - pretty worn). & then I remembered he needed pants and socks so picked up some of those. They had a ton of shirts for $5 and I was extremely tempted, but nothing particulalry exciting (solid colors) and I figure he probably doesn't "need" any shirts. Oh but I did buy him a sweatshirt for $5 - just remembered that one. Something of the warmer variety for outside. All that was about $70 with tax & shipping, but I looked last minute for the online web coupon codes. Sometimes those can be pretty hit and miss but I lucked out - just googled coupon code and found a 15% off right away. Woohoo. Total was more like $63 for that pile of clothes. I knew I had just thrown out a coupon too knowing I wouldn't use it so was super happy to retrieve the code online after all. Anyway, I usually don't spend that much on clothes - but man, not having to leave the house - I was VERY happy - I think I did good.

Oh yeah - I also saw the cutest PJs on ebay which I did win but ended up $14.50 with shipping. Oh well, Big Monkey will appreciate having some nice PJs I hope - especially as it gets chillier. "As of now I would say the boys are pretty set for winter. Little Monkey could maybe use a jacket and a pair of shoes, but he doesn't really go out much so he may not need them - who knows. We can put on his christmas list I guess. It is so funny to me to see people bundle up their kids in coats just to walk from the car to a house or a store front. I dropped off my son at preschool the other day - it might have been in the high 50s/low 60s, and a lady was bundling up her kids in coats to walk them to the door. I am looking at my son in his thin shirt wondering - hmmm - am I missing something here??? I have noticed that a lot since. Since the kids generally don't go outside much in the winter they don't have particularly heavy coats or anything. Carrying the little one from the car to a store or front door, I think he will be okay. Wink

Oh yeah - the other thing I got my Chase rewards card and they are SUPER annoying. I had to call them twice and I had to sit through their buyer protection plan whatever spiel - no no no no no. Then yesterday someone called. I NEVER answer the phone - I am pretty anti-social - hehe - but I had just gotten off the phone with a friend and I assumed it was her again. Picked it up - stuck listening to some speil from Chase - not sure what they are saying. Trying to be polite, but when I Say no I am not interested they keep saying "but you can cancel in 30 days." & so I say well, I don't want to cancel in 30 days - I Am saying NO NOW. SO much for being polite - next time I will probably hang up on them - gah. So annoying!!!!!! Luckily I Am usually not home to answer the phone - dh will tell them to buzz off if he answers. HE's good for that. But the only other credit card I ever had directly from a big cc company was MBNA and they were super annoying as well. They called me once to send me a new card and asked me all this personal info + my social. I called to report this "fraud" and they were like, oh yeah, that was US. You are sitting here scrazthing your head - HELLO??? Who gives that info over the phone and why don't you have it??? Oh well, a matter of time before I get so p.o.ed I Decide the rewards are not worth it.

Everything around here is good. I only stayed up until 10:15 cleaning house so I think we did good. Not too much last minute hubaloo. Cleaned for 1/2 hour - 1 hour after kids went to bed. This morning I have to vacuum and make deviled eggs. That's about it. Our ice breaker broke a while back, but the dispenser in the freezer still works. So I have been making ice for days - pouring it into the storage bucket in the freezer, and then into bags for the cooler and drinks. Almost there. We could have easily whimped out and bought ice. I guess this is how people did it before ice machines - hehe.

Not sure what is on the menu today - besides turkey, beans, spinach, cranberries, pie, cheesecake, soda, mashed potatoes, etc. Probably much much more. Our parents are coming and dh's aunt/uncle/cousin & her family. Just one other little one for the kids to play with, bummed dh's sister and my niece couldn't make it. Oh yes and grandma too and another of dh's cousins. A full house, but not a BIG year since we are missing 3 of the usuals. Great-Grandma is going to do the stuffing and the turkey which is still thawing as we speak. My dad does the gravy, dh's dad carves, his mom does pies, my mom will separate all the turkey from the bones after/finish carving I guess. Everyone has their little part. I love doing deviled eggs - yummy. My dad is also making his homemade salsa when he gets here - something to munch on until dinner at 2.

Ah, there is so much to be grateful this Thanksgiving. I hesitate to do a list because it is all boring and the same as everyone's - hehe. But I am just super grateful that we can afford to live in such a nice place close to family so that we can see them. There was a big part of my life I thought we could never afford to live in California. So I am grateful to be here, to have an abundance of food, for us all to have our health, and such wonderful healthy kids. Dh's cousin has been completely unable to have kids of her own, and so seeing her and her little adopted boy today is always a huge reminder how lucky we were so easily to have kids of our own. I am mostly gratfeul for food, warmth, a steady job. Everything else is just gravy. Wink

Have a wonderful Day!

EDITED: While I Was typing away I got an offer for the freecycle item. A family in a new apartment who owns NO furniture or kitchen items. I remembered I have a pile of silverware and old stuff I had intended to give to my sister, but she didn't need. I Will add to the pile. I think I will go through the house and see what I have. An EASY purge - I LOVE Freecycle!!!! Doesn't get much easier than that - will probably show up today to take this stuff off my hands!

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