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Pondering the Nov. Energy Bill

November 22nd, 2006 at 07:50 am

I think we have been doing awesome this month on the energy bill - just not so quick to turn on the heat just because the thermostat says "less than 68." If it doesn't feel cold, we don't touch it, but a couple of times I turned it to 69 because it felt really chilly. No doubt tomorrow we won't need it - the turkey will heat the house - well at least the downstairs. All that cooking will and body heat too I guess. 15+ guests tomorrow...

But overall I think it has been rather warm. Rainy - and the air seems to stay warmer. A chill in the air, but 50% of the time we don't even turn the heat on - house has settled around 68-70.

& yeah we don't have a fireplace, that could be another reason our house is SO insulated, just another way not to lose heat. Don't even ask - it is a long story - why we have no fireplace - hehe.

Oh yes, but I am not so confident we will have the most stellar bill ever this month because I think I did 10 loads of laundry yesterday, and 10 to go. We were all sick a couple of weeks back and the house has settle into quite the trashed state. Yesterday I went through the upstairs and just washed all the sheets/comforters/blankets. I still have to wash the sheets on our bed and pull out some warmer blankets. I picked up the kids rooms and vacumed. Filed away a stack of papers a mile high sitting on my desk at the top of the stairs. I still should scrub the bathrooms a bit but saving that for last. Don't really expect anyone to go upstairs.

I am not the biggest house cleaner, BUT I usually keep on top of it a little better. It was pretty bad.

Today we need to clear out the living room - boxes from storage and piles of stuff to put away. A couple of presents to wrap... Scrub the guest bath and the kitchen.

Not much cooking to do - mostly we are providing space - phew. I had wanted to bake a cake, but decided on storebought cheesecake - sounds yummy. Mostly I have to wake up early tomorrow and prepare deviled eggs.

Oh back to laundry - washing the highchair cover and halloween costumes to put away or sell, etc. LOTS of laundry. I actually don't mind laundry - to me that is an easy chore - you throw it in and the machine does the work. I don't necessarily fold and put away laundry every load either - hehe - probably why I don't mind it so much. I just tend to throw it on the bed a fold for 5 minutes before bed every night OR throw it in the corner for later. There wasn't even that much in the corner yesterday - phew. Been keeping up with that I guess.

I am meeting a friend for lunch today and I was going to go shopping, but alas now I am not. I am bummed - was looking forward to it. I had asked dh's grandma to pick up a cute christmas outfit for Big Monkey since dh slashed that out of the budget. I said okay because I knew his mom or grandma would get something. But she e-mailed me monday and said she hadn't found anything (probably early) and if I picked up something she would reimburse me. Woohoo. I looked forward to going to Target - knew they would have something. But just got an e-mail that she wants to go shopping this weekend and will probably find something. Bummer. I was really looking foward to shopping after lunch today - with someone else's money - hehe.

Dh went to the store and stocked up on drinks and beans and chessecake. & oh yes the turkey. My mom said she will give me some cash for the turkey. OVerall we didn't spend much. Dh's family is bringing the rest of the food.

Oh well - I have lots of picking up to do. I am trying to balance the bare minimum of cleaning before guests who will just make a MESS - hehe - with the fact that without a day off I never have time to do all the extra chores, etc. So I am kind of doing a bit of everything, but want to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow - don't want to go overboard on the stuff that doesn't matter. & yeah, I intend to maybe pick up a bit Friday after the big turkey day - but mostly I intend to rest up and relax after tomorrow.

Oh yeah - took Big Monkey for a haircut - about $15 at the kid place - they are awesome and worth every penny. I then tried my hand at Little Monkey's hair noticing it was looking shaggy, and it actually turned out pretty well. Not bad fror a kid who can't keep his head still and kept whipping his head around rihgt when I tried to cut - LOL. I am glad no blood was shed. I cut my oldest son's hair for the longest time, not that great at it. BUt little monkey - at almost 18 months this is his 2nd haircut. He is pretty bald overall - hehe. Well I am super impressed with my hair cutting skill. Probably just a big fluke.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

3 Responses to “Pondering the Nov. Energy Bill”

  1. janH Says:

    Those first haircuts--I remember that--the kids are so cute!

  2. fern Says:

    I bet you could cut all the boys' hair and it'd be fine. My boyfriend used to let me cut his hair, i like it on the short side, and he actually got 3 compliments on it (!) and i liked it too.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    No my son has crazy hair. THough if I Was brave I Could maybe buzz it - hehe. It is so thick - there is no cutting it. When he turned 3 I Stopped the torture of "bad" mom haircuts - LOL. Little Monkey - so far his hair is thin, thin, thin, he may not go to the salon for along while - much easier to deal with.

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