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Christmas Politics

November 20th, 2006 at 06:57 am

Oh man, Christmas with the family really annoys me - hehe.

With my family, how I was raised, I like it. We get each other a few little things and don't make a biggie out of it. Even as a kid, every few years I would get something super cool or awesome, but that wasn't the norm. The words "wish list" are not in our vocab, we resent being told what to buy each other - the fun is in the surprise. My mom might buy the kids some clothes or something or a small toy and that is a-okay with me. The LAST thing they need is more toys. Overall I think my family views Christmas more as a time for giving, not for exchanging gifts. We have never been big on material stuff anyway.

Dh's family is a whole other ball of wax. IT amazes me how similarly we were brought up money-wise, and how frugal he can be, it amazes me sometimes because he was somewhat spoiled ROTTEN and our kids even moreso. It annoys me because they do not need 1 million + toys. This year proves to be particular interesting because my MIL is so unfair when it comes to the grandkids. She is constantly showering Big Monkey with gifts because he "needs" things (toys and clothes). & she will look at Little Monkey and say "He doesn't need anything." I am just sitting here wondering why Big Monkey *needs* MORE books and toys because he has plenty, and how her flawed logic can be so obvious to everyone but her. Sure he needs clothes more, but Little Monkey's hand-me-down are a bit worn - he could use some new things too.

Anyway, last year he was a baby and I didn't say much, but I expect her to be fair this Christmas. Probably too much to ask. I was so annoyed with dh because we were putting together a wish list for the kids and he says, "most of these toys can be for both kids - why are you designating certain toys for just 1 of the kids?" I am like, hello - because if we don't designate she will just buy everything for just the big one. Come on. That is why the wish list is heavily weighted for Little Monkey. We'll see how it goes.

Oh well, in years past my son has received what feels like 100 presents - he was bored after opening 1/4 of them and could care less. Last year was a bit better with 2 other grandkids to share with. I just hope my SIL has a baby soon, would get even better. I Think before they only had 1 grandkid to buy for and they went a little crazy. Dh's family is a little wacky so you try to talk to them and they turn it around to we hate them or something, so you just throw your hands up and give up. IF they drown in a mountain of toys, I guess we can just hope we don't notice if quite a few "disappear." You ask them to buy less presents and they take it as the biggest insult imaginable I guess - I do not understand in the least. For now the moutnain of present is worth family peace, though it is all pretty aggravating to me as to me it goes against everything we stand for as parents. A battle that will get fiercer as the kids age and are more understanding of what is going on.

Anyway, I did the obligatory wish list so we'll see how it goes.

The other aspect to all this is they are a wishlist family and I have never partaken. I have been in the family for over a decade. Last year was a pretty tight year for us so I decide what the heck. I Could use a few things. They will spend hundreds of dollars on me, so I put a few $50 items on the list. & some little things. Well, they got NOTHING from the list. LOL. IT was like they looked at it and said, um, okay, where is your "Real" list? LOL. IT was so frustrating at the time, but looking back kind of funny. You know dh has a list a mile long of games and DVDs and they will buy that but I Ask for a few kitchen items and they look at me like I am crazy. We were discussing it later and dh was like - well your list was "Expensive." Um, a new game is $50 and they don't blink at that!?! Hello???? I think the thing is they like buying video games and DVDs, maybe because it is easy. My list, apparently too complicated. I don't want a DVD or a game or anything of that nature. USually they get me clothes and gift cards, which is pretty nice and well needed. So for this year I just went back to our old usual ways. They ask me for a wish list over and over and over and I Say I don't want anything. Then they get me clothes and cash and everyone is happy. LOL.

3 Responses to “Christmas Politics”

  1. janH Says:

    I think my brother and wife used to put half of the Christmas toys received into the attic and rotate them out during the year. SIL was taking care of her two kids and her sister's two kids and too many toys were insane. So she lowered the tally that way. I wish I'd thought of that.

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    The poitics of gift giving. It sure can get maddening at times!Smile

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Sometimes I think gift giving is the WORST thing about Christmas! I loved it as a child -- but I didn't get very much. Just enough to make me happy.

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