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The Problem with Bird Poop

October 27th, 2006 at 09:10 am

I don't think we'll save much this year. This month's extra to estate lawyer. & next month to clean up bird poop. *sigh*

The pigeons love our house and we paid upwards of $1k a few years back to pigeon-proof the house. The guy was awesome though, he put spikes up all around and CLEANED UP the mess that was accumulating. We seriously had a hill of bird poop accumulating in the backyard - disgusting.

All was fine but the pigeons were starting to move in again. We had our house on the market earlier this year, we thought with prices falling was a good time to make a lateral move, since it has been too expensive otherwise, but quickly gave up after looking at houses for another $100 to $200k, sellers not budging on price, houses that weren't even NEARLY as nice as we already have. We decided to wait it out in the meantime. But during that whole thing I had called the Bird Guy, thought it would be could for a cleanup, and never heard back.

Forgot about it, because the bird situation wasn't too bad back then, but just looked out the window last night and saw a mountain of poop accumulating on our roof. I Also noticed the driveway was looking pretty icky. Gah!!!! So I Called today and the guy answers. Unfortunately he is in Arizona now. Boo. HE recommended Clark PEst Control. All I know is Clark charges you an arm and a leg for regular pest service, so I am wary. But I Can't find anything else so I Called. They said they don't even do cleanup. Oh well, what are you gonna do - *sigh*. They are going to come reinforce the area that the pigeons are hanging out and I guess we are going to clean up the mountain of bird poop. Honestly I don't mind doing it. I just am not sure if we will do a good job. Plus the other guy came out and cleaned ALL of our gutters, and scrubbed with the right chemicals, etc. I will have to do some internet research. Look up good bird poop removal techniques. At least this time is just localized to ONE area. Though I am not so sure fixing that one area will eradicate them. There are a few that like to sleep in our front windows but with the homeowners rules we can't put big spikes up front. Will talk to Clark about less noticable ones I guess... OR maybe simply sealing off the one area that have gotten back into it will eradicate the mess. I hope. There were a bunch of spikes AND it was sealed off but they wormed their way in. Pigeons are evil.

Oh well, Clark is coming out for the quote today. I hope it isn't too bad...

I know I know - need to start a bird poop emergency fund. LOL.

ETA: After doing a little research I don't think doing it ourselves is a good idea. I called another company for a quote after a lot of looking. IT is more of a hazardous waste issue - ick...

In other news my kids are making me work extra too. I noticed my older son figured out all the cabinet and drawer locks a couple of days back. Frankly I Am surprised it took this long. I have friends whose 1-year-olds were into everything. SO I Consider myself lucky. All the same, some items probably need to be moved, like steak knives and scissors. Actually that is how I noticed because he decided he needed the scissors and just went and got them himself. Ugh. Then last night after bath I put the kids in my older son's bedroom, closed the door, and ran out for a minute to pick up towels. Immediately the door opened and I start yelling, "DO NOT open your door" to my older son. I Am yelling/explaining that he can not open the door and for the millionth time that this is not for him, it is for his brother - he is too little to go out unattended, etc. After my tirade my older son yells - "It was the baby." LOL. I peaked in his room and yes my older son is playing quietly in the far corner where I left him. Indeed it is true that the baby, immediately after I left the room, got up and walked out the door.

Trouble I Tell you...

Damn lever doorknobs.

Overall it's okay - I Would not leave him alone in that room for more than a minute anyway, there is a big bed he likes to climb onto and he is too little to be careful not to fall off, but now my 1-minute upstairs holding corral needs some improvisation. Time to get the gate back out I guess. The second the 3-year-old graduates from all the gates, it is time to bring them back out!!!

But I must say I Am proud he opened the door all by himself. A milestone...

9 Responses to “The Problem with Bird Poop”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Can you call the Arizona bird poop man {there's four words I never thought I'd string together -- and ask him what kind of chemicals you should use and where to get them and about how much you should be prepared to pay for them???

  2. monkeymama Says:

    LOL. I was thinking about that. Good idea...

  3. JanH Says:

    My parents had some sort of cherry tree in their back yard that made the birds poop a LOT and it was purple. All over everything. Don't know what they used to clean it up, but they finally cut down the tree. Hope you find a great solution to the problem cos it really is a mess, isn't it.

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    Also MonkeyMama - do you have a state extension office?? Perhaps you could consult with one of their wildlife experts.

  5. monkeymama Says:

    At least it is not purple I guess - lovely - LOL.

  6. miclason Says:

    ...better call in someone ...bird poop (especially pigeon!) is really bad for your health...

  7. Joe W Says:

    Can someone remove the pigeons or their nests (much like someone who comes out to remove racoons in someone's yard)...Or can you throw rocks at them or something to make your house less of a safe environ for them, maybe they'll move onto someone else's house.

  8. monkeymama Says:

    There is no really removing them. They like to hang out. But blocking off the areas they like to hang out helps. We haven't had any problems for the last couple of years until they wormed their way back in to the one area that they love - I don't know. There are no nests. we are not their home, just their hang out - LOL.

    anyway, Clark quoted $100 to close off the area again (hopefully a better job) and to clean up the mess so phew. They will clean the bad area. They just didn't want to scrub the whole house which is fine with me. Sounds like a plan...

  9. petersteel Says:

    that was nice post.. it seem great information and idea .. great job...

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