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Estate Attorney Meeting & Weekend

October 23rd, 2006 at 07:03 am

The weekend was pretty awesome. Met with the estate attorney. She usually charges $1800 for EVERYTHING and will charge us $1200. OF course, she is a funny one and originally threw out $10k. I thought she was serious - LOL. Totally kididng but I Am like do not do that to me - hehe. My husband did her $2k wedding video for about $1k so I bet that has a lot to do with it, though she said it was the friend discount. Anyway, we are hoping to sign all the papers in 3 weeks. I am SO relieved just to get it all done, and relieved as well the cost won't sink us, we have been making so much progress on our savings, I would like to keep it that way. I have a new respect about why going to an attorney beats doing it in Quicken though. I feel like I have a basic understanding of all of this will and trust stuff but she pretty much spent an hour answering all of our questions. She also brought up a lot of good points I would never think of on my own and Quicken wasn't quick to bring up. So I feel like this is money REALLY well spent.

Saturday night we changed our minds and considered going to a movie after all, but looking throught he listing it all stunk. So instead we thought it would be fun to go to a night of comedy. Something spontaneous - we just never get out these days. We lucked out financially because it was sold out. We figured at $30 it was 10 times funner than a $20 movie night - LOL. But it was funny as we walked over to dinner, I Was trying to remember what exactly we did as poor college students. We went to the cheapie movies and the nickel arcade, both which are now closed. : ( The ironic thing is we used to go to a lot of concerts which now we feel are too pricey now that we make 5 times as much. Funny how things change. Really, concerts are very pricey these days compared to 10 years ago for sure. That was the other thing - there is a wonderful BEenfit show every OCtober in the Bay put on by Neil Young and his wife - always an awesome show. We decided to pass this year because the lineup though good wasn't the best, and saving money, etc. PLUS the weather always sucks and we are miserable. So we go out saturday and it is hot. I bring my jacket because I know it will cool off. WE went to our $30 dinner downtown which was pretty darn awesome by the way - Chicago Pizza and we come out at 8:00 and it feels like 75 degrees. WE look at each other and say if we knew the weather was this nice we would have gone to the concert. The last couple of times it rained which really stunk - it was outdoors. How rude for it to be so nice when we don't go. Bah!!! I guess on the plus side I see a few more weeks of no heat at this rate. The house has settle at a nice 75 degrees. No a/c or heat in a month or so...

YEsterday we went to the pumpkin patch and I got some really cute pictures of the baby - put one up here. My older son was in hog heaven - $8 for 4 jumpy houses and a slide. Ack. On the pricey side. But grandma paid for it, so it left our entire weekend of fun $30. We paid for our dinner and that is about it. Our family is nice that way - a lot of free food...

It was a nice weekend.

This week is crazy on the otherhand. Crunch week as Oct. 31 is a deadline. & then with all of the halloween festivities. I hope to squeeze some time on here, but I need to work some overtime, etc., etc. For me at least November kind of calms down. It is just the calm before the storm,a nd then december is crazy between work and christmas, and my life is over come january with tax season. So I will get through this week and try to enjoy november best I can. Phew.

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    cute picture!!

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