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Spending Update

October 19th, 2006 at 01:18 pm

Cash Stash:

$44.40 cash for 2006
- 7.00 Buffet Lunch
$37.40 remains

I know I wanted my cash stash to last until Dec. 31, but I Am cheating a little. My birthday is Dec. 1 & so I figured I would get some cash then to get me through. Hehe. In the meantime it is going fast. But I do allow myself $20 at the ATM every month - in the budget - which I won't need this month or next at least. Plus bunco is next wednesday, where I got my stash from in the first place. I am going to win at least $50 this month. YEah! (Okay, I wish anyway. LOL. Though my luck will probably run out soon. I am not sure I can pull off winning 4 months in a row!! If I win even $5 there may be a mutiny).

I made a lot of money yesterday and spent it all. Sold a bunch of jewelry and made $60. Spent $10 on a christmas gift and then $40 on myself. I figure my birthday was coming up, and since my jewelry was selling pretty well, I should get some new stuff to wear. Imagine if I actually WORE it - it would sell even better. I have been super lazy. $10 left when all was said and done. Oh well. I haven't bought any jewelry the last few months. Whenever I sell I usually use my profits to buy - that is why I signed up in the first place. But the last couple of months I sold a good amount and bought nothing for myself. That's my justification anyway.

Just met a friend for lunch and with our anniversary dinner, probably the only real eating out this month, besides me occasional $1 fast food run anyway. I don't feel like we usually eat out much more but looking in Quicken we have been averaging $100-$200/month. This month is load below. Yay!

My friend was also trying to help but in the end is not helping. LOL. My work decided this year to go out to dinner for christmas instead of the usual potluck. Knowing my boss we will be expected to pay, and they are looking at some fancy places. I was thinking dh probably couldn't go because they were talking friday night. Our family babysits often, but they live 2 hours away and friday night is tough. At first I thought, oh dh can't go. Then I Was thinking good because it will probably be pretty PRICEY. I mentioned something about it to my friend at lunch and she mentioned she would watch the kids. I had never mentioned babysitting swapping with her because she only has 1 kid and lives about 1/2 hour away. BUT she lived by my son's preschool and heck if we go out, we could go out to dinner over there, etc. IT was like a lightbulb went off in my head - we should totally do some babysitting swapping. IF she is cool with the unfairness of only having 1 kid. We'll work it out I guess. We joined a co-op and tried some swapping but I HATED it. But they were littler kids and I have said before I don't really like kids much. LOL. HEr son is much older, and watching 1 kid though maybe less fair, sure beats watching 2 on top of my own. Plus its my son's best friend really so it is a whole different thing. I Can handle toddlers better than babies at least and my co-op is all babies - ick. Oh yeah- but yeah that is really nice but will make our dinner twice as expensive. I'll think about it at least... If I don't take her up this time we have to work something out once a month or something. My dh and I keep saying a regular date night should be a priority, but something always gets in the way. First cost. Then the co-op was a bust. & now things are so tight we figure what could we do anyway. But if she could watch the kids and we could go for a walk in the mall, it would be nice. Doesn't have to cost anything. Maybe we will try to work it in...

Oh well - that's my update today. BAck to work!!!!!

2 Responses to “Spending Update”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    We have always had date nights, lots of enjoyment!

  2. rduell Says:

    My husband and I are really struggling to get in a date night every week too. We usually go out for dinner and then get groceries. Not a real exciting date, but at least we're alone together and have a chance to talk without interruptions.

    You and my youngest daughter share a birthday! She'll be 13 on Dec. 1st.

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